November Blog from Inspector Riley

Twenty-something sleeps to go?! The preparations for Christmas across the borough are now well underway, with Christmas lights switch-ons and party season just beginning – the sense of excitement is tangibly building! Certainly, it is in our house anyway – my wife installed a Christmas tree into our kitchen on November 14th (way too early!) whilst I was out for the evening and it seems that ‘Elf’ has been installed on perma-play on our blu-ray player ever since. My ‘Bah Humbug’ comments about the tree aside though, I’ve always loved Christmas and I hope that you and your families are all planning for a fabulous time next month.

Remembrance Day Observations & Thanks

Along with thousands of others across the borough, I was absolutely honoured to take part in the Remembrance Day proceedings on November 11th. I felt immense pride in laying a wreath at the civic parade at Beeston and then being able to attend the service of remembrance in the parish church afterwards. The huge turnout at that parade was mirrored at the parades in Stapleford, Eastwood, Kimberley and Nuthall. Thank you to all of you who attended these parades. I was invited to attend the Royal British Legion for a coffee after the service and spoke with a number of serving and ex service men and women, including 99 year old veteran Tom Day who spent much of the 2nd world war as a prisoner of war. What was clear from all of these conversations is just how much it means to our servicemen and women, serving and veteran alike, to see the parades and services so well attended.

Thanks must also go to all of those involved in planning the events. This is by no means a small or easy task and your efforts are very much appreciated.  Lest We Forget, indeed.

Paula’s Award

It gives me IMMENSE pleasure to be able to tell you all that on 14th November, PCSO Paula Hipkiss was presented with the award for ‘PCSO Of The Year’ at the annual Nottinghamshire Police awards at The Albert Hall in Nottingham. As you will all know, Paula is very much the face of the communities she serves and it seems to me that ‘PCSO Paula’ is known by literally everyone in Beeston! I first worked with Paula nearly 30 years ago, when she was a Front Counter Clerk at Oxclose Lane Police Station and I was a very young in service Pc. To see her being recognised in this way by the force, all those years later is amazing. Paula is one of the most dedicated people I know and this award is absolutely very well deserved.

So, (and she’ll tell me off for this….) WELL DONE PAULA!!

In other staffing matters, we said ‘Adieu’ to PCSO Steph Archer this past month, as she goes onto maternity leave. We wish Steph and her husband all the very best for the coming weeks and months and she will be missed. Fortunately for us, she will be back sometime next year. Good luck Steph!

ASB – Chilwell

I am aware once again of an increase in youth-related anti-social behaviour in Chilwell, in particular in the Inham Nook area. Sgt Harding and her team at Beeston are currently looking into this recent upsurge. Sadly it appears that some of the measures we took during the Summer may have been ignored, as some familiar names have once more come to the fore. As I previously reported, some legislative control measures were put in place during the summer and we are going to be examining the most effective ways of enforcing these. A full team and multi agency approach is being considered with our Schools Officer, Pc Dave Blundell and ASB partners at Broxtowe Borough Council also being utilised. As with all ongoing problems though, we need your support and the support of our partners in making sure that the true extent of the problem is recorded, as this drives resource deployment and the type of measures we can utilise. Many of the powers open to us are intelligence or evidence led and without reports from our community members, it is more difficult to make the appropriate interventions. Social media chatter, unfortunately, isn’t enough and once more, I ask that incidents are reported via 101, or in an emergency, 999. Under our graded response policy and dependent on the type of incident reported, you may not receive a visit from an officer on every occasion, but each call is logged and helps us to build up an effective intelligence picture, which in turn enables us to effectively target the worst offenders and locations in conjunction with our partners at the council.

Whilst the longer term, problem solving type work is ongoing though, where resources are available in consideration with ongoing demand and the policing priorities on the borough, I will be looking to provide an increased high visibility presence in the area when we can, to try and deter & disrupt activity where possible and provide reassurance.

Priority Crime Overview / Updates

More detailed crime activity updates can be found in the monthly updates section of each of the listed priorities on the Broxtowe Neighbourhoods page at

Dwelling burglary and autocrime offences have remained fairly stable across the borough in the past month, however, there has been an increase in recent weeks in the Kimberley area. Whilst not a huge increase, it is sufficient to cause concern. Our County Burglary Team are currently investigating these offences and I am confident that arrests will be made in the near future.

Particularly pleasing this month, were the sentences handed down to 2 local criminals who went on a burglary spree on the borough back in the early part of the summer, contributing to a huge spike in the figures at that time. Lee CARNELL (6 years 9 months) and Martin BROWN (7 years, 6 months) were both sentenced for Conspiracy to Burgle on 3/11/18 and have been found responsible for a total of 22 burglaries of peoples’ homes. This represents a really good result and my grateful thanks go to DI Steve Wragg, DS Craig Luckett and their team, for all of the hard work done in securing these convictions and sentences.

Unfortunately, we have noticed a slight increase in early evening burglaries across the borough as the nights have drawn in. I’d appeal to you all to review your own domestic security arrangements to try and ensure that you do not fall victim to thieves. My teams will be popping advice leaflets through letterboxes in properties they come across which may appear to them to be vulnerable to being burgled. Please consider the following when you are away from your properties;

– As the nights get darker earlier, leave a light on inside your house. Remember to choose low energy lamps (wherever possible)

– Use a timer switch to operate the lights as it starts to get dark. Change the times that the lights come on to simulate an occupied home

– Make sure your front door is well lit. Use dusk to dawn lighting that automatically comes on as it gets dark

– Make sure you keep your doors and windows locked at all times

The run up to Christmas has traditionally seen an increase in acquisitive crime such as burglary, autocrime and shop thefts. Whilst Autocrime has remained stable through the month, there are still too many examples of property being stolen from within vehicles. Please ensure that all valuable items are not left on show when you leave your vehicles unattended and are removed overnight – this is especially relevant for tools and electrical items such as laptops, phones and tablets. Thieves will always look for an easy target and if your vheicle isn’t one, then they will invariably move on and look for one that is.

Shoplifting in the town centres is a perennial problem but one which does tend to increase in the run up to Christmas, for obvious reasons. We would always advise shopowners and retailers to make it as difficult as possible for higher value items to be stolen, but I do recognise that crime prevention advice and effective retail strategy don’t always go hand in hand. I’m pleased to anounce that we are making some progress in trying to get Shopwatch reinvigorated in the town centres and I see this as a key partnership in trying to drive down the numbers of shop thefts we experience and our respective priorities meeting in the middle. In the run up to Christmas though, you will hopefully see an increased high visibility presence from my teams in the town centres as we try to deter would be offenders and bring to justice those who do us the most damage.

Christmas Drink Drive Campaign

Our annual Christmas Drink/Drive Campaign gets underway on 1st December and runs for the whole month. This is the second of 2 campaigns this year, following on from the Summer campaign when 38,605 motorists nationally were breathalysed with 10% testing positive for alcohol, with 56% of drugs screening tests proving positive. On average, nearly 3,000 people a year are killed or seriously injured as a result of drink drive related collisions. My officers will be out on the ground, engaging with this campaign throughout December. Please, please DON’T drink drive, or drive whilst under the influence of drugs. It costs lives – simple as that.

And with that, I bid you farewell until next month. I’m off home to try and convince my wife we really don’t need a second tree up in November….

Advice guide – Home security

To read earlier blogs and for more information about our beat area including updates on the police’s priorities, visit the Stapleford Cluster page

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