LibDem Focus on Bramcote

A52: Good News

The Highways Agency have agreed to install average speed cameras along the A52 Brian Clough Way through Bramcote and Beeston. Following a number of recent accidents on the road, some of which caused fatal injuries, local residents urged the Highways Agency to take steps to reduce speeds. Bramcote’s Lib Dem County Councillor Steve Carr has recently been in touch with the Highways Agency to express his concern about a lack of action by them and has been told that they have now agreed to install three sets of cameras to measure the speed of traffic along the road. The Highways Agency plans are to measure the speed of cars between the Sherwin Arms and Thoresby Road, Thoresby Road and Wollaton Road, and Wollaton Road and the Priory Island. They are also considering installing a bus lane camera to monitor traffic driving in the bus lane towards Nottingham. We expect the work to be carried out in the next financial year.

The Fight To Save Broxtowe

The fight to save Broxtowe Borough is now on. Conservative run Nottinghamshire County Council want to abolish the borough councils and seize all control of the local area. We are completely opposed to this. At the moment decisions about Broxtowe are taken in Broxtowe by local people. We don’t want those decisions to be taken in West Bridgford by councillors from Newark and Retford. We will be strongly opposing these plans and we encourage everyone to contact the County Council and tell them that you object as well.

New Constituency Boundary?

The Boundary Commission have proposed new parliamentary boundaries for Nottinghamshire. They are proposing that Bramcote becomes part of a new Hucknall and Broxtowe constituency, along with Stapleford, Trowell and part of Chilwell. However they suggest that Beeston and the rest of Chilwell should move into a new Nottingham West and Beeston constituency. This would mean that the Bramcote and Beeston North County Council division would be split between two different constituencies. This proposal makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and will be opposed by the Liberal Democrats.

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  1. Excellent news, I’m sure (nearly) everyone who lives near or on the A52 will be glad to see this finally come to fruition. Would be great if they could install cameras on the bus lane too, nothing is more annoying than dutifully queuing on the road every morning only to see the usual BMW & Audi drivers undertaking everyone on the bus lane…


    1. To a certain extent I agree with you Pete. However I personally see no harm in people needing to turn into Moor Lane or Thoresby Road being able to get out of the traffic holdup caused by the lights at or before the two roads as it helps to ease congestion. Where I do object is when a few drivers(?) happily turn out of those roads and charge off down the bus lane.

      Mind you I have seen comments passed on these pages stating that the bus lanes should be done away with.


  2. OK I’m biased but isn’t it just a reflexion of the Tory Brexiteers muddled thinking. ; split Europe, take away local democracy. What on earth do Tories think they’re representing?
    I want local people to have a say in what their community cares for.
    I get the NCC e mail bulletins and they have no relevance to Broxtowe.; I’m all for being economical with council taxpayers money but this current council have no sense of value, were asleep on their watch and have cost us dearly with their inability to relate to the officers of the council and monitor their activities.


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