New Build Update – Official Press Release from NCC

colI know many of you have been waiting for news about our new school building.

I am delighted to share a press release that we have agreed with Nottinghamshire County Council following a meeting of the Policy Committee this week.

Land agreement paves the way for new secondary school in Bramcote County Councillors have agreed to enter into a partnership with the White Hills Park Trust which will see the construction of a new secondary school in Bramcote.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Policy Committee gave the go ahead to the proposals for a new school at its meeting on 14 November which will be funded through the sale of nearby land for new housing.

The new school, which will be built on the same site as the current Bramcote
College at Moor Lane, will have provision for 600 places initially with capacity to expand by a further 150 places, depending on future demand. A new 200-place sixth form college will also be built as part of the development.

It is anticipated that the sale of the housing land will generate a substantial
capital receipt which will be reinvested into the construction of the new school
and other infrastructure improvements across Nottinghamshire through the
County Council’s capital programme.

The land off Coventry Lane, to the north of Bramcote College, has been
earmarked for housing in Broxtowe Borough Council’s local plan. Proposals for 500 new homes, which will incorporate green access and views for local residents, will be brought forward after councillors agreed to commit £500,000 for planning and land preparation.

Many of the current Bramcote College school buildings are in a poor condition
and the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor Kay Cutts, said a new secondary school for Bramcote was much needed.

Councillor Cutts said: “Providing a high-quality learning environment for children can have a hugely positive impact on attainment levels, so this is fantastic news for teachers, parents and children at Bramcote College who have performed valiantly in conditions which are not ideal Working in partnership with The White Hills Park Trust, I am delighted that we have been able to reach an agreement which will see the construction of a much-needed new school and housing, as well as funding for other infrastructure projects.

This is part of our ambitious countywide schools building and improvement programme, which will see the creation of hundreds of school places and improvements to school buildings across Nottinghamshire.”

Paul Heery, Executive Principal, said: “We are delighted to be working with the County Council to provide a new school for Bramcote that the whole community can be proud of.

The school has made great strides in recent years, with record levels of attainment and a Good rating from Ofsted, and this news gives us the opportunity to look forward to a very bright future. Our vision is of a school at the centre of its community, and we will work with students, parents and the local community to ensure that this is what we deliver.”

A copy of the report, approved by Policy Committee on 14 November, is available to download from the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

Paul Heery
Executive Principal



  1. Why 500 houses rather than the original 300? The increased traffic will be insupportable, plus there’s a huge lack of infrastructure – taking into account 240 homes to the west of Coventry Lane (Hulk’s Farm) plus the 450 homes being built on Field Farm. We want you to have a sparkly new school, and we don’t want to be nimbyish, but inflicting such a massive increase in housing in the area is more than we can bear. 1190 new houses within about a mile? The planners haven’t considered the bigger picture.


    1. It will be ages before Field Farm is fully built out. One of the reasons they were given permission was they said 450 new Houses in 5 years. That’s never going to happen.

      According to the people in the sales shed they say they will have 30 houses built in the next 12 months.

      And at £200,000 up to over £350.000 who can afford them anyway.

      They should have to build the so called Affordable Housing 1st not last.

      And it’s sad that as someone who was supposed to be against the building on Field Farm that Councillor John Longdon supported the idea to put another 240 in Stapleford off Coventry Lane. But then he is known for saying one thing then doing another, you have only to look at the Crossing for Hickings Lane.


    2. I totally agree with Val Leyland and have been banging on about this for months but with no response from anyone. Traffic along Coventry Lane in both directions is dreadful at rush hour already and 500 new homes with pots of them 2 car families (bearing in mind the lack of public transport) is going to have a massive impact and will result in air pollution too. And then there’s infrastructure – shops, schools etc. You are right – as a teacher, I do want the kids to have a decent school building and it is iniquitous that some children are learning in very poor conditions whilst others have super modern schools. A few pence on income tax and stopping the reductions in corporation tax would go a long way to financing the discontinued ‘schools for the future’ programme.


  2. If all these new homes are being built around Coventry Lane and Fields Farm why do Broxtowe Council plan to build on and around Fishpond Cottage. Family homes so near to the road and trees to come down our wildlife will be spoilt also overlooking flats &bungalows which are already there .Non of the residents approved of these plans with over 180 signatures against these plans.Why squash these homes on such a small plot of grass verges when all these other homes are going to be built.Ilkeston Road is a very busy road already hate to think how it will be with all the extra traffic from these new homes .


    1. I totally agree and have been asking questions about the impact on traffic, pollution and the pressure on infrastructure of the massive developments along Coventry Lane. No-one seems to be interested in the fact that huge developments are going to wreck any clean air targets. The latest I heard was that the pollution would be ‘mitigated’. I eventually found out that this means planting some trees in other parts of the city/county. So the rest of us actually affected by these developments just have to breathe it in, struggle with traffic congestion never mind the pressure on school places and GP surgeries.


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