Save the Date – Thursday 29th November

With a funding crisis in the NHS, school cuts forcing teachers out of jobs and the Brexit negotiations a complete shambles, there could be an election right around the corner. In order to win we must all come together and do our small part, our movement of 500,000 people starts with ordinary people changing their communities. That’s what this meeting is all about. We are calling people from all parts of Broxtowe to come together, meet like minded and interesting people and help us plan winning the next election, we came close in 2017, if we start now – we can win the next general election, whenever that might be. If you want to make a difference in the place you live, come along, join our team, get involved and help labour win Broxtowe!

Venue TBC, event contact number: 07769645858

To RSVP, click here.



    1. With Corbyn at the helm why ever not.

      Your own party made a complete hash of things when they joined the Tories and “helped” to run the country. “We made a pledge, (to oppose increases in University Tuition Fees) we did not stick to it, and for that I am sorry.” as Nick Clegg said to your conference in 2012. At least he did have the decency to admit it.

      The present Government have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that they are not interested in the well being of this country’s population having tripled the deficit (so I am told), made an utter shambles of the Universal Credit, have overseen the establishment of food banks where Nurses and other professions need to go in order to feed themselves and their children. Increased the numbers of homeless, especially ex servicemen. Completely and totally made a hash of the Brexit negotiations. It’s irrelevant how people voted originally, the Tories have failed us all miserably in all respects. I needn’t go on, we all know how bad they are.

      Sometimes I think that The Greens could do a better job than the Tories and Lib Dems combined. If/when Labour have a decent majority in parliament the Greens might even make a credible opposition.


  1. What time is the meeting. Hopefully 7.00 pm onwards for me. Hope it’s a suitable time for people who work on that day. Thanks a lot.


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