How would you balance the budget?

As a Council we have to make tough decisions on the best way for us to cover our costs to make sure residents receive the best possible services.

We’re running our annual budget consultation and want to hear about:

  • How you would rate our services
  • How you would increase income
  • Where we should spend and where we should save money

The consultation runs until 30th November.

Budget Consultation 2019/20

Have your say on where we spend and save your money for 2019/20.

Complete the Budget Consultation online.(Opens in a New Window)

You can also send your comments to  and include “BUDGET COMMENTS” in the subject line or write to: Deputy Chief Executive, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB

The consultation asks residents to rate services they receive from the Council and what services money should be spent on and where it should be saved.

Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee, Councillor Paul Simpson said: “Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to reduce our spending without impacting on services and thanks to good financial management and additional income, in 2017/18 we were able to spend less than we received in funding and less than we planned to spend.  We also continued to invest in initiatives to help our residents benefit from high quality outdoor space through our Pride In Parks and Clean and Green initiatives.

However, with Government grant for local authorities expected to stop by 2020, we need to continue to make difficult decisions on where we spend and save our Council Tax payers money. The Council continually reviews how it does things to identify new opportunities to save money, generate income and make the best use of its assets.”

The results of this consultation will be considered by the Finance and Resources Committee  and Full Council in early 2019.

2017/18 Spending

In 2017/18 we spent less than we received in funding and we also spent less than we planned to spend. However, with Government grant to local councils expected to stop by 2020, setting the budget remains a challenging process.

You can view our a summary of our 2017/2018 Spending online.





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