Damaged Beech Tree near Cricket Pavilion in Bramcote Hills Park

treeWe understand from Councillor Martin Plackett:- There is a large beech tree situated near the Cricket Pavilion that has lost its top in the storms.  A Council Officer has stated that ‘This Tree will have to be felled and he is hopeful of replacement planting’.

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  1. One of our Facebook readers asked about maintenance inspections for the trees. I asked Broxtowe BC for a response and received a prompt reply:
    Thanks for your email regarding the storm damaged Beech tree at Bramcote Park, unfortunately due the extent of the damage and internal decay present the remainder of the tree had to be removed for public safety. (Refer to the picture in the post.)

    With regard to tree inspections at the site visual tree inspections (from the ground) are carried out throughout key times of the year, in the spring to identify trees that have not come into leaf and early autumn to identify fungal fruiting bodies that give an indication of serious health problems with the tree, any structural defects are also noted at these site visits.
    We then assess the risk and act accordingly with removal of the tree or arboricultural works when appropriate.
    The trees lost in the storm have been made safe with the trunks left standing with the oak hopefully being utilised as a sculpture, the beech retained for wildlife.


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