Broxtowe Borough Council Part 2 Local Plan Examination

Broxtowe Borough Council’s Part 2 Local Plan can be found at

This Plan has now been submitted for examination by a Planning Inspector. See Broxtowe LPP2 Examination PO IntroductionBROXTOWE LPP2 Guidance Notes,

BROXTOWE MIQs, Broxtowe LPP2 – Draft Hearing Timetable.

If you look through the documentation, you will see the examination of the Plan is scheduled to start on 4th December 2018. This process is crucial for Bramcote as Broxtowe Borough Council’s Plan calls for a very significant number of houses to be built on the Green Belt in Bramcote. Take some time to look at the Plan as it affects Bramcote and consider whether you would wish to make representations to the Planning Inspector.

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  1. Surely they don’t want to build on Green Belt, people promised to protect the Green Belt..

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