Waste and Recycling update from Broxtowe BC

Recycle week 2018 starts today and the aim is to make us aware of the importance of recycling.  We are taking part in a significant way.


You may have noticed a sticker on your recycling bin lid, placed on by our refuse teams.  These stickers are designed to help you know what goes in your recycling bin.  For more information please see our waste and recycling page here

Our new recycling video will show you what you can recycle and why we need your help to recycle and protect the environment for future generations.

Check the video out here.

Single use plastic

Single use plastic may have a temporary advantage of being useful but a long term disadvantage to our environment.  Single use plastics are not recyclable, hence why they are called single use.  They are damaging the planet’s environment.

  • Use a refillable water bottle.
  • Use a reusable coffee cup
  • Avoid using  plastic straws unless you need to
  • Take reusable bags for your shopping
  • Use your own cutlery or sustainable alternatives.
  • Refuse single-use condiment sachets.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables without plastic wrappers.

Look out for our new recycle banners in our future ‘Email Me’ Bulletins!

Garden waste subscriptions seasonal price drop

From the 1st of October, garden waste subscriptions for the remainder of 2018/19 will be £27.  Additional bins will cost £7.  With the leaves about to fall, now is a good time to subscribe if you haven’t already! If you have already subscribed, you can still take advantage of having an additional bin.  Find out more here






  1. I am still confused as to whether some plastic trays that come with microwave meals may be recycled. I think that they are NOT recycled. I am also confused by some ‘Paper’ drinks containers that I think are NOT recycled. There is a company producing recyclable material ‘Vegware Eco Friendly Packaging & Catering Disposables’. The video that I have just viewed suggests that we should recycle more items. But which items do we NOT recycle.


  2. Would suggest Mike you write to our Director of Environment at Broxtowe Borough Council for his comments to your very responsible questions.
    I am hoping that the Director Paul Summers will be able to attend our next CAT meeting on the 3td December to offer a recycling presentation for attendees.


  3. I have written to Paul Summers and received this reply:

    “Dear Mr Johnson
    Thank you for your email. In response to your email I can advise the following. Some items may be recyclable such as plastic trays but this is different across the UK in different areas. We currently do not recycle plastic trays.
    Our recycling is sorted by the Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield (MRF – Veolia). A variety of manual and mechanical processes are used to separate the waste. Plastics in particular are difficult to separate as the equipment will not recognise certain plastic items, such as black food trays, so won’t separate the items out. In addition there has to be a viable long term end market for the items collected and presently this is an issue which regards to certain plastics.
    Paper cups such as the one given out by coffee shops are not listed to be recycled in our area. The water/residue from the container can contaminate other items when being processed for recycling.”

    I was also referred to the Bin Sticker that lists the items that can be recycled. See the post above for the sticker.


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