1. If not already on the agenda (I guess it probably is), could someone raise the issue of the proposed speed cameras on the A52, again – ie. are they actually going to be installed and, if so, can we find out when the Highways Agency intend to do it and what their plans are…? (Do we think they are committed to doing it (any time soon), or is it at the bottom of their priorities and they’re just saying things to placate the local community?)


    1. Recent update from Cllr Martin Plackett: Latest information from Highways England remains positive that an announcement will be possible later in the year.


  2. Thanks Pete, have written to our MP Anna Soubry to seek an update from Highways England to hopefully offer to our 3/9 CAT meeting.


  3. I notice there’s supposed to be an update on the Bramcote school development. I’ve asked in a number of forums about traffic and infrastructure implications, especially of the new, enlarged number of houses, but have had no response from anyone. I’d still like an answer. I’d also like to know what’s happening with the other old school site on Bramcote hills. Nothing has happened with this for many years. Couldn’t this site be developed instead of using green belt land?


    1. Maybe one of the 3 Bramcote Councillors could answer the above question.

      I also notice only once Broxtowe Borough Councillor for Bramcote is mentioned on the Agenda. Why is Councillor Jan Goold not mentioned yet again. Surely as an elected member to represent Bramcote she should be welcomed with open arms at the table for the meeting..


      1. I find it sad certain questions go unanswered on here yet we all know Bramcote Councillors comment on this website. So why do they choose to ignore these important issues.


  4. Sadly Executive Head of the WHF of schools Paul Heery was unable as hoped to give us an update on the latest developments with regard to plans for a new School at this evenings CAT meeting. Our hope is that an update will be forthcoming on Bramcote Today quite soon
    Broxtowe Borough Council Part 2 Plan clearly states that the ‘old’ Bramcote School site may only be used or educational or leisure facilities.


    1. What about the other Bramcote school site that’s been closed down for several years? I’d also still appreciate a response regarding the questions I’ve asked about the plan for 500 houses on the school field: traffic and infrastructure implications plus the resultant air pollution.


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