Councillor Richard MacRae Writes About Bus Route No. 18


With thbuse news the other day that Trent Barton Route 18 is to be withdrawn at the end of September it’s good to then find out that Nottingham Community Transport have applied to take over the Route.

Click here for the timetable.

For more details about the company concerned see

For details of Nottingham Local Enterprise
Zone: Alliance Boots Site Transport Assessment Dave W refers to below click here.


    A vital Nottinghamshire bus route has been saved by local operator CT4N,
    part of Nottingham Community Transport.
    Providing important links between Stapleford, Beeston, Rylands, QMC and
    the city centre, the route 18 bus was due to be withdrawn by Trent Barton
    next month.
    With no alternative public transport in the Melbourne Road area of Stapleford
    and Beeston Rylands, residents would be without any buses had Sherwoodbased
    CT4N not stepped in to take on the service.
    Managing Director, Ian Combellack, commented: “We’re aware that service
    18 provides valuable transport links for many people in the area.
    “Our new service aims to maintain these links, especially for people who rely
    on public transport to go to work, shopping and leisure activities.
    As part of Nottingham Community Transport, CT4N already operates a
    number of contracted services including Medilink, Centrelink, Ecolink and all
    Locallink services. But, this will be the company’s first commercial service and
    the company is committed to its long-term success.
    “Our friendly drivers are looking forward to welcoming both existing and new
    customers when we launch the service,” Ian added.
    When CT4N take over the route on October 1, the timetable will remain
    largely unchanged during the day, with buses every 30 minutes in Beeston
    Rylands and hourly to Stapleford. There are no current plans to replace the
    evening service and Trent Barton will continue to operate the 20 on Sundays.
    Although fares will remain similar to those currently in place, the full range of
    tickets will be announced in September and further details, including a
    timetable, can now be found at


  2. It is very interesting that Broxtowe planning passed the Boots site housing development, with a specific issue regarding the excessive traffic that would be created at the Queens Road – University Boulevard junction. The specific issue was that in order to mitigate for excess queuing the 18 bus service could have its frequency increase to 4 times per hour. It seems this is being ignored! Maybe councillors would like to comment?


  3. I would think this is a matter for the County Council to make a decision on whether to invite tenders to service this development and any other (such as the Coventry lane proposals). In which case CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport) would no doubt be interested as this is a non profit making Community operator. At present they operate only tendered services , the Link services in Nottingham, Park and Ride and Medilink, mostly with electrically powered buses. Incidentally the service 18 will according to CT4N web site to be their first operated as a commercial service so any profits should presumably be passed back into the community.
    Peter Chatfield


  4. David
    Do you have the details please? Was it a condition, a s106 agreement or merely an aspiration?


    Paul Nathanail


    1. The requirements for mitigation measures came from a transport study requested as part of the planning procedure.

      The document that explains the transport issues is:

      Nottingham Local Enterprise Zone: Alliance Boots Site Transport Assessment – AECOM August 2014

      This is on Broxtowe planning web presence, but I cannot link to it.

      The relevant mitigation measures quoted;

      5.3 Public Transport
      As set in Section 4 a series of public transport measures were included as mitigation measures in the modelling. With respect to public transport these measures are shown on Figure 5.1 and include:
      – Changes to Route 18 bus to provide a frequency of 4 buses per hour, with two buses terminating in Beeston and two buses terminating in Stapleford.
      – City Link 1 extension (or similar service along this route) through the site and along the link road to Beeston.
      – Implementation of the Southern Bus Corridor in line with the outline scheme prepared by Nottingham City Council.
      In addition to the above measures, it is proposed to introduce a range of additional improvements to the public transport network to increase the accessibility of the site. These measures largely relate to services outside of the peak hours and have therefore not been taken into account in the modelling. These measures include:
      – Introduction of early morning services and evening services on Citylink 1 from 6am and evening services with a half hourly frequency on weekdays and Saturdays.
      – Improve Saturday services by introducing services running at similar frequencies to weekdays.
      – Increase frequency of the Route 18 to 15 minute intervals during the day, terminating alternative services at the Beeston bus
      station and Stapleford.
      – Introduce Sunday services on Route 18 from 7am to 10pm, terminating at the Beeston bus station or Stapleford.

      These mitigation measures are assumed to be in place for the planning permission grant for Broxtowe and for the City according to the minutes. If they are not then transport will be inadequate. This assessment with its overloads was also prior to the former Beeston Business Development Park and its increase traffic issues.

      I hope this helps.


  5. Thanks Dave. The BT editors have put a link to this document in the main post that these comments sit under.

    Unless the four buses an hour are a s106/ CIL requirement, I cannot see how they are in any way ‘in place’ sadly.

    Happy to be corrected and certainly something to think about for other developments that will have a major impact on local congestion levels.



    1. Paul,

      This was the recommendation for the City council approval, including the reference to S106 public transport investment requirement. I cannot find the Broxtowe minutes.

      A. The Committee resolves that:
      1) That the requirements of Part 2 of Schedule 4 to the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 (“the Environmental Impact Regulations”) are satisfied by reason of the submission of the Environmental Statement s part of the application which includes at least the following information: (a) a description of the development comprising information on the site, design and size of the development;
      (b) a description of the measures envisaged in order to avoid, reduce and, if possible remedy significant adverse effects;
      (c) the data required to identify and assess the main effects which the proposed changes to the approved scheme are likely to have on the environment;
      (d) an outline of the main alternatives studied by the applicant and an indication of the main reasons for these, taking into account the environmental effects;
      (e) a non-technical summary of the information provided under (a) to (d) above.
      Agenda Item 4a
      Page 7
      2) That the implications of the development addressed in the Environmental Statement and the mitigation measures proposed do not amount to adverse effects or main effects.
      3) That it be recorded in the resolution that, in making the decision on this application, the environmental information, being the Environmental Statement has been taken into account and that this material meets the minimum requirements of Part 2 of Schedule 4 to the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2011 and is sufficient having regard to Part 1 of Schedule 4 to those Regulations.
      4) That it be resolved that Regulation 24(1) of the Environment Impact Assessment Regulations 2011 be complied with as soon as reasonably practical and the Head of Development Management and Regeneration be delegated to undertake the necessary requirements, namely to notify the decision to the Secretary of State, to place a newspaper notification of the decision and placing on deposit for public inspection a statement containing the content of the decision, the main reasons and consideration on which the decision is based and a description, where necessary, of the main measures to avoid, and significant adverse effects.
      B. Subject to prior completion of a Section 106 Planning Obligation which shall include:
      (i) A financial contribution towards education provision
      (ii) A financial contribution towards improvements to public transport and
      sustainable transport measures.

      Also note that the final environmental statement submitted ONLY calculated permitted traffic levels after all mitigation measures were in place.



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