Trent Barton Route 18 to End


Above is a very recent update – looking more positive now.

I have officially been told that the Trent Barton Route 18 is to completely end at the end of September.

Trent Barton have told me:

Afternoon,  we can confirm that with effect from 30.9.18 we will no longer be operating the 18. Since the introduction of the additional tram lines we have continued to run at a loss, therefore to ensure the sustainability of the wider business we have had to make the difficult decision to stop running the service. We have consulted with and passed the route information onto the relevant councils in the hope they may be able to find an alternative operator to maintain some kind of service to the communities on the route.~Jay

This means that both of our County Councillors would be fully aware of the plans and have kept it quite.  As the Highways Authority Nottinghamshire County Council would be well aware of this.

The Route 18 is a vital link to Beeston especially for the people of the Stapleford North Ward which is the opposite side of Stapleford to the Tram Terminus on Toton Lane, Stapleford.

Many residents rely on the Route 18 to get to and from work in Beeston, this is not a good decision for local residents.

Councillor Richard MacRae

Stapleford North Ward

Stapleford Town Council

Broxtowe Borough Council

0774 034 4427




  1. There has been an update since from Nottingham Community Transport who have applied to take on the service. I have contacted them and awaiting a response to my email.


  2. Yet another example of Trent Barton putting profit before people.
    They don’t worry about the disgusting conditions on the overcrowded rush hour i4 with the advertised air conditioning which is never switched on or the 21’s which never turn up. They should have their franchise questioned.
    If the council do take over the route, perhaps they could run it later especially if Beeston does end up with a cinema.


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