Local Government Reorganisation?

Val Leyland writes: Councillor Cutts is suggesting abolishing Broxtowe Borough Council (and the six other Borough and District Councils in Notts) to introduce a new unitary authority. Cllr Collins is suggesting bringing Beeston, Bramcote, Stapleford, Chilwell and Toton (as well as West Bridgford and Gedling) into an enlarged Nottingham City.

I was therefore interested to read in ‘Remembering the People of Bramcote’, by the Bramcote History Group, that in 1919 there was a plan to incorporate Bramcote in the City of Nottingham.There was strong local objection: ‘the Parish Council saw no justification for the inclusion of a small, purely agricultural parish of 1,064 acres, with a scattered population of between six and seven hundred, to be absorbed into the city’s area.’

I wonder what the prevailing opinion is now?


    1. I think the NCC takeover is best judged by the performance of the two current lickspittles representing us.
      The one is a de – selected Lib Dem whose only objective was to dish his party; his current petulant behaviour confirms his lack of any political integrity and his incompetence.
      The other is a self seeking opportunist who showed no loyalty to his own Conservative Member of Parliament; in turn she assessed his conduct in an excoriating response.
      So given these two representatives – would we really want their ilk to be safeguarding our interests.
      The alternatives are not just a choice between a county council unitary authority or Nottingham City Council..
      1. Amalgamation of adjacent borough councils
      2. A southern and northern unitary authority.
      3. Cluster groupings not subject to county boundaries.

      I personally favour the first option as it would retain a strong local voice and this has already happened in terms of joint service provisions.


    2. Good question, Paul. There’s a lot to be said for a unitary authority (people often find it difficult to find out who’s responsible for what in our current two-tier system), and an enlarged Nottingham would carry more clout. But would that benefit Bramcote residents? How would the finances work out? Broxtowe Borough Council clearly need to find savings, as does the County, but taking out a tier of local government to save money would go against local knowledge and decision-making, particularly planning. I would not be confident that a larger City authority would be respectful of what remains of the Green Belt. On balance I would like to keep the current structure.
      What do you think?


  1. I already posted a comment on 14th July pointing out the inefficiency of the current District and County split and the very considerable advantages of a City of Nottingham that is comparable with its rivals. Nottingham is almost uniquely disadvantaged when compared with Leeds or Sheffield and many other major cities. The County is an obsolete dead hand and yet takes 80% of our council tax revenue and not one penny goes to our city.

    Five different local authorities have a finger in the pie of Greater Nottingham whereas Leeds only has one. That means five lots of chief executives, treasurers and a heap of other chief and senior officers where Leeds has one of each. There are around 250 councillors with a say in what happens in Greater Nottingham but Leeds has 100. Bramcote is a suburb of the suburb of Broxtowe – the local plan is not local but overseen by civil servants who already regard it as a minor suburb of greater Nottingham. Why not have a say in the whole city and stop pretending independence? Your councillors will be able to represent you in the reality of Nottingham and all your council tax revenue will be spent in your City.

    I have every respect for the councillors and staff of all our local authorities and after the worst attacks on local democracy in the modern era more cuts are the last thing we want. The staff and councillors are trapped in a divided and inefficient system so that they are like Lewis Hamilton entering a Grande Prix in a three wheeler – great driver, good engine – but coming last every time!!

    I wrote a piece in the Evening Post about this situation and you may or may not agree with me but here is a link:


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