CAT meeting minutes – Stapleford

 To put the following post into context, I am sharing minutes of the recent Stapleford CAT meeting:

1. Welcome and Introduction

Unfortunately, the welcome and introduction to the meeting was disrupted by Cllr John Longdon insisting that he would be chairing the meeting – the meeting had been arranged by Cllr MacRae. In response to Cllr MacRae, Cllr Longdon said that “the only way you are going to stop me chairing this meeting, is to put me on the floor!”

Cllr Goold intervened and asked residents to vote for whom they wished to chair the meeting. Cllr MacRae received 14 votes to Cllr Longdon’s 2 votes.

Cllr MacRae chaired the meeting and invited Cllr Longdon to stay, as he was a County Councillor, it would be useful to have him there to answer county specific questions.

RM welcomed residents to the meeting at Albany School and apologised.

For the remainder of the minutes, click Stapleford CAT Minutes – 19th July 2018_.



  1. I think you should be in the diplomatic corps, very carefully worded and maintaining your impartiality. Ever thought about politics!! Best wishes,




    1. I honestly can’t beleieve the attitude of Councillor John Longdon who has not attended a CAT Meeting since April 2015 then came along and tried to take over. He was rude and an embarrassment.


      1. The next Bramcote CAT meeting is in September. I think it would be inappropriative for Cllr. Doddy to chair that meeting given his support of the abolition of BBC and his inadequacy as a County Cuuncillor as outlined by our Member of Parliament.


  2. Maybe let Councillor Jan Goold Chair the meeting
    . After all she IS a Councillor elected to represent Bramcote and I for one know how hard she works.


  3. You are quite wrong Ian the County Council at this moment in time have only asked for a business case from Officers for a possible proposal to create a Unitary Authority. Quite sure over the coming months there will be much debate on the pros and cons of such a proposal not least at Broxtowe Borough Council itself and amongst ourselves and residents.

    Cllr Dr John Doddy as Chair of Nottinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board is much supported by our M P as he seeks to engage and work with communities to improve the health of residents throughout the County.

    Neither of your assertions in anyway warrant a change to our current procedure and I am much surprised at your suggestion.

    Most importantly it is imperative that Party Politics should not be any part of our quarterly Bramcote CAT meetings.

    I look look forward to Cllr Dr John Doddy taking the Chair at our 3rd September meeting


    1. I would like to see Bramcote Councillor Jan Goold sat at the table too.

      When I organise the Stapleford Community Action Team Meetings ALL Stapleford Borough Councillors are always invited.


    2. Martin. As a Broxtowe Borough Councillor how do you think you will be told to vote when it’s debated at Broxtowe Borough Council.


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