1. An excellent link – thanks Mike!

    The Lorax would be proud of the £1Billion in health care savings the ONS ascribes to vegetation (no mention of Truffula trees per se though)..

    If anyone follows the link, they will find an interactive map that shows the pollution removed by vegetation across the country. The large effect of Wollaton park and the slightly smaller effect of our own Bramcote Hills green land (including the park) stand out.

    First they came for Field Farm, then they came for the Golf Course…. what’s next?



  2. Labour’s proposed “Land Value Tax” would see homeowners with large gardens severely penalised. Some projections have suggested that it could be three times more expensive than Council Tax.
    Domestic land does not generate income, so to tax it is little more than an envy tax.
    Gardens provide an important role in the local environment, not least for wildlife.
    Perhaps those with large gardens should see their local taxes reduced, in recognition of the important service they provide to the environment.


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