1. Doddy lost a no confidence vote 6-0 and he stormed out of the meeting.

    Has he had lessons off John Longdon?

    At Stapleford Town Council meeting on Friday John Longdon left the room when we debated Nottinghamshire County Councils decesion to abolish Broxtowe Borough Council. As the County Councillor for Stapleford we wanted to ask him questions but by leaving the room he was unable to be questioned.

    The previous week he walked out of Broxtowe Borough Council as usual just as I was about to ask my question and it’s not the first time as he does this each time I am about to speak. Then the Thursday at the Stapleford Community Action Team Meeting he turned up and tried to take over Chairing the meeting and then acted in a sad and unprofessional manner when I and the public informed him he would not be chairing the meeting. The last one he attended was April 2015 and he had not been interested since.

    We also invited John Doddy to attend the Stapleford Community Action Team Meeting as requested by residents as a County Councillor for the area. He never replied to requests and never attend the meeting neither.

    They are both as bad as each other.


    1. I endorse Richard’s comments. I was at the Stapleford CAT meeting and Longden’s behaviour was petulant and not appropriate for an elected Councillor. I hope his conduct will be referred to the standards committee of both BBC and NCC. Richard , you are able to do the former and Steve Carr the latter.


  2. Now it is time for Anna Soubry to respect the result of the referendum. Broxtowe constituency voted Leave. Local Conservatives overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU.
    Anna has three choices.
    1- Support the government, and stop attacking other Conservative MP’s.
    2- Agree to stand down at the next election so a new Conservative candidate can stand.
    3- Resign the party whip and become an independent.
    One thing is certain. If Anna continues to oppose Brexit, and she does stand at the next election, the seat will be lost to Labour


    1. As usual, Mr Shakespeare, mere whiff of opinion.
      She has the choice, nay duty, to vote as her conscience dictates. People placed her as their MP to stand up for what SHE believes to be correct, NOT as a stooge to opine dogma.
      It is far from certain that Labour will win the seat next time. As more and more people of a thoughtful disposition realise the extremity of views held by many in Labour locally and nationally, they may be reluctant to support such extremity, however well it may be disguised.


      1. When an MP votes against their party on a regular basis, and makes derogatory statements against fellow MP’s of their own party, they cease to be a member of that party.
        Instead of using the party machine for their own purposes, they should become an independent.
        That would then leave the local party to chose a new candidate for the next election.
        Anna Soubry had been a first rate constituency MP until becoming obsessed with the EU, and attempting to usurp the referendum result.
        Local Conservatives are enraged by her comments, not least against Jacob Rees-Mogg.
        The social democratic Labour party is no more. Due to Momentum it is now controlled by Marxists, Trotskyists, Stalinists, right the way through to antisemitic National Socialists. It would be a catastrophe for such people to win the next election.
        The marginal seat of Broxtowe can remain Conservative, but only if we have a new Conservative candidate at the next election.


  3. Having read ‘A day in the life of Dr Doddy’ I was amazed that such a busy person could find any time at all to devote to politics over and above the day job. His failure to attend meetings or to reply to correspondence is proof that he simply doesn’t, so why does he put himself forward for offices he cannot fulfil?


  4. Anna Soubury has been incorrect on her facts in many interviews, regardless of any personal Brexit opinion. She also needs to read the latest of John Redwood’s weekly diaries, look at Sadiq Kahn’s and Mark Carney’s latest references to Brexit. where both are back tracking., and stop promoting the disruptive messages continually fed by EU representatives. Lastly, we have a very good deal called WTO. There is no “no deal scenario. “ The Queen has now approved the leave legislation, it is going to happen on 19th March 2019 and foreign companies are not going to cease selling us food, drugs etc, what is her problem?


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