Please be aware and help out your neighbours

Please be vigilant – especially if you believe your neighbours are on holiday. I have received the following report:

“We live on Valmont Road and thought we would flag up a concern . Two nights ago our car was parked on our drive. Someone moved the rear windscreen wiper away from the window and left it pointing out. Apparently this a way of discovering whether a house is occupied. If the wiper remains sticking out it indicates that the householder is absent and becomes a target for burglary. Talking to someone in Ockbrook today there have been several burglaries and the wipers have been moved in this way. ”

So if you see a wiper in this position, please replace – highly unlikely your neighbours would intend to leave their wiper like this.

I have also been told of other tricks being used:

“To put stones or small heavy objects on top of all 4 tyres of the cars. Then if they found them on the floor the following day they knew the car had been moved but, if not, the chances are that no one was in.”

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