Fly Tipping – illegal, costly and selfish!

These two incidents seem linked. If you refer to Mike’s earlier report, you will see both sets of fly tipping appear to contain earth. They are both relatively small amounts of what I would have thought was mostly biodegradable material (i’m no expert!) so I can’t understand why someone is taking the trouble to, presumably, drive to previously unspoiled beauty spots that many of us enjoy, to illegally dump.

I reported my siting on Common Lane (near to Town Street exit) to Paul Summers, directly, as the website gave me an error message. he has promptly replied:


Thanks for the notification- I have passed then information to Street Cleansing- Nigel who will arrange the necessary removal arrangements.

Sue- If you could publish the response on your website I would appreciate it if you could seek information from the public on source or  how it arrived.

Fly tipping is illegal and its removal borough wide is costing in the region of £15/20K per annum.

The Council will prosecute if evidence is forthcoming.


Paul Summers


  1. Thanks Broxtowe Borough Council for your prompt response.

    Do NOT hesitate to report such incidents, like Sue, with the hope that such ‘vandalism’ will result in the culprits being caught and prosecuted.


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