Broxtowe BC Full Council Meeting 18 July 2018 – Councillor Martin Plackett Reports

Bramcote Councillor Martin Plackett in his speech last night in thanking Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, urged them to continue their good work,  and as the now adopted Part 2 Plan moves to the next Inspectorate stage of the process to adopt the motto ‘ it’s not over until the fat lady sings’ to ensure Bramcote’s voice continues to be heard.
The full transcript of his speech is published below:-
Mr Mayor. Fellow Members, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Last Monday at the Jobs and Economy Meeting the Chair offered me the opportunity to speak to the Plan specifically in relation to Bramcote Ward.
I questioned the increase from 300 to 500 houses on the Coventry Lane Site and whether taking into account other building planned in the Ward whether 10 percent of the total requirement for Broxtowe was reasonable or justified for Bramcote and its residents.   Continued questioning can of course and will be continued by our Neighbourhood Forum and others at the following stage of the process before an Inspector.
The Director of Planning however convinced the Committee that it was and the the need for a 5 year land supply was paramount if the Plan was to be approved by an Inspector.
The record will show that the principal Opposition Party voted along side the ruling group registering their approval of the Plan, because they too know the serious implications of saying no to the Plan, only one member voted against. 
Are there some Positive outcomes from this revised Plan for Bramcote?    Yes I believe there are and I offer the following:-
1.   Bramcote’s beautiful Green Flag Park and the running track off Moor Lane will remain as Greenbelt, thanks to pressure from both the Neighbourhood Forum and indeed myself.
2.   A brand new 21st Century School is to be built with a separate entrance for community use, so enriching the Ward in so many ways for generations to come.
3.   The 5 year land supply protects Bramcote’s other Greenbelt sites off Common Lane and the lands between the Sherwin  Island and Bardills Island including Bluebell Hill.
4.   Following my representation to the Jobs and Economy meeting a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ is to be sought between the Borough Council and/or the Nottinghamshire County Council and the WHF of Schools that any surplus monies remaining after the sale of the Coventry Lane site and the School rebuild should be offered to the Borough Council for Leisure facilities.  
5.  The land adjacent to the Bramcote Hills Primary and Junior School together with the old Bramcote School site could can only be used for Education and/or Leisure facilities.
6.    The housing number increase not only ensures monies are available for the School rebuild but with the removing of the wording ‘if required’ it increases  the ‘likelihood of new leisure facilities’ 
7.    A replacement wild life area close to the Coventry Lane site, the retention of our Villages beautiful Conservation Area, I could Mr Mayor continue.
For those considering voting against the Plan this evening, so NOT giving the Borough its 5 year Land supply, and in consequence risk its rejection by the Inspectorate I would remind them in doing so they  would putting in jeopardy not only the lands protected by these proposals in Bramcote but other such sites throughout the Borough.
So for me Bramcote will be enhanced by these proposals as THE place to LIVE, WORK and PLAY.   In consequence I support the motion before the Council this evening.


  1. I have asked before about what other facilities are going to be provided to the new estate: primary schools? Shops? Playgrounds? Allotments? I have not seen any response but that may be me not looking in the right place. I would still like to know the answer to these questions, especially now there will be 500 homes. The other thing that crossed my mind as I queued from the Bramcote Park roundabout to get onto the A52 at Sherwin roundabout, was the question of traffic. Already Balloon Woods crossroads and the junction I mentioned above are traffic hotspots. Has anyone considered what the impact of having 500 new households will be, especially if there is only one road in and out of the new estate?

    I would like to ask how secure the guarantees are that have been given regarding new leisure facilities, the return of any ‘excess’ money, the maintenance of a wildlife corridor and the availability of affordable housing. Finally, I would also like a response to my suggestion of using the brownfield sites along Glasidale Driveand Wigman Road (eyesores for a very long time) to increase the housing stock.


  2. Happy to join you and anyone else to counter the argument for 500 rather than 300 homes on the Coventry Lane playing field site (West of Coventry Lane)
    At the time that was agreed, I don’t think 240 homes to the East of Coventry Lane was in the frame. This all changes the nature of the neighbourhood. We don’t want to be nimbyish, we know new homes are needed, but please not at the expense of changing the whole character of the area.
    This can be taken forward to the planning inspector. We need to build a good case and I for one hope it can be developed jointly. We all treasure our area and want the best, in terms of educational and leisure facilities, but we don’t want to be swamped by impossible traffic and the loss of vital wildlife corridors.
    Please please all join in the debate! A couple of councillors can’t do it on their own…


    1. Val. You need to be aware that the Labour Group leader advised us last night that he would build on Bramcote Moor whether a new school was needed or not. He also accused the Liberal Democrats as being nimbies and vote grabbing.


      1. As I was not there, I asked Greg Marshall for his opinion on the point that Mr Carr raises, and Mr Marshall replied:
        “In terms of the specific Lib Dem quote from Steve Carr. It’s not true that Milan Radulovic explicitly stated he would build on Bramcote Moor per se but as part of the Local Plan (which Labour effectively led on) that land was identified for some housebuilding. Our Labour position (which I support) has always been to build more housing (preferably council housing) – it is and should remain Broxtowe’s number one priority. But that doesn’t mean it should be indiscriminate. We should retain wildlife connectivity corridors and have managed development.”
        Any comments?


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