Broxtowe Local Plan Part 2 – Bramcote

Bramcote Councillor Martin Plackett reports on his comments/questions to this evenings Jobs and Economy Meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council


I am most grateful to you for allowing me as a non member of your Committee to make a few brief comments regarding amendments to the Part 2 Plan relating specifically to Bramcote Ward.

Many of the changes I along with our Neighbourhood Forum welcome, not least Bramcote Hills Park and the Moor Lane Running Track remaining as Greenbelt.

We welcome too the removal of the wording ‘if required’ (relating to leisure facilities) and the inclusion of the wording ‘increase the likelihood of a replacement leisure centre’

We are however concerned that the increase from 300 houses to 500 houses on the Coventry Lane site is at the very least questionable. Taking into account houses planned at St John’s and the retirement complex on the Golf Course the housing allocation for Bramcote would be over 10 percent of the total Borough requirement. I would ask you Chairman, is this disproportionate and /or unreasonable

It is never the less recognised that the Councils objectives by raising the house numbers to ensure ‘for a greater certainty that the School can be rebuilt’ and offers a 5 year land supply giving greater protection, but look for as a Community a greater guaranteed pay back for the loss of our precious Greenbelt.

If the increased housing numbers were to be accepted I would ask this Jobs and Economy Committee of the Borough Council at the very least to seek’ a memorandum of understanding with the County Council and/or WHF of Schools’ that any surplus funds released from the sale of the land for housing after the School rebuild be offered to the Borough for Leisure facilities.

I earnestly ask that my request is seriously considered and hopefully agreed, and clearly identified in tonight’s minutes.

Martin Plackett
Councillor Bramcote Ward Broxtowe Borough Council


  1. Delighted to see Cllr Plackett speak up for Bramcote tonight and even more so to hear him call for Borough and County to cooperate to deliver a new leisure centre with funds from the additional houses to be built on Bramcote’s ever diminishing green belt.

    Thanks too to Cllr Steve Carr who as a member of the committee was the only one to vote against the draft plan as it now stands.


    1. All three Bramcote Conservative councillors voted to accept the building of 750 houses on Coventry Lane. It was up to me as the Borough Councillor for Beeston North ( albeit I am also the County Councillor for part of Bramcote) to speak up for the people of Bramcote.


  2. I welcome Cllr Plackett’s conversion in accepting that the housing allocation being expected of Bramcote is excessive. Something I was arguing when the figure was 300 not the new increased figure of 500.

    I therefore look forward to Cllr Plackett and the other Conservative Councillors voting with the LibDem Group against the Local Plan at Full Council on Wednesday evening.


    1. I am looking forward to the Stapleford Councillors also voting against this as it mentioned shrinking what’s classed as Stapleford Town Centre because at Stapleford Town Council ALL agreed we don’t want the Town Centre shrinking, so let’s see how they ALL vote on this.

      It’s also very sad to see that land to the West of Coventry Lane is still included as this is not what Stapleford Town Council want. Unfortunately when given the oppurtunity to speak up against this in the past former Committee member and someone who claims to be working hard to defend the Green Belt, Councillor John Longdon never spoke up against this location and voted to support it. Maybe he only wants to defend the Green Belt at Election time.


  3. So all 3 Bramcote Councillors not only voted tonight to allow 500 Houses to be built in Bramcote they also voted for another 240 to be built in Stapleford.

    Both either side of Coventry Lane. That’s in no way protecting the Green Belt what so ever.

    My so called fellow Ward Councillor John Longdon walked out of the meeting so was unable to vote. He actually walked out the meeting as usual just before I spoke on an issue effecting the area he is supposed to represent. It’s not the first time he has done this and I find it most rude and ignorant too.


  4. By voting last evening for the Part 2 Plan to give the Borough a 5 year land supply we HAVE protected the Greenbelt throughout the whole Borough. Failure to do so would have made vulnerable to development other Greenbelt sites in Bramcote, Stapleford and elsewhere.


    1. What a load of rubbish. At this rate there will be no green belt left anywhere.

      Over 1000 Houses being built or planned to be built in Stapleford already. And now thanks to you last night we have another 240 going on green belt. Not much protection there. As I said last night Stapleford Town Council have put a Neighbourhood Plan together and been ignored for requests of help and support from the planning officer at Broxtowe Borough Council. Emails have been completely ignored. I am also informed that the Councillors in Brinsley have also been ignored with the Neighbourhood Plan they have put together. And again sad that Longdon walked of the important meeting as well.


      1. Richard,

        I am sorry to hear that. I am surprised as the planning officers have had several meetings with the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum over the past couple of years; responded to emails and even changed the Part 2 to reduce the area of green belt that Bramcote is being asked to lose. Clearly we do not agree with everything the planning officers recommended to the Councillors for approval but our dealings have been friendly and respectful of each other’s position and remit.
        We have also benefited from technical and financial support through the Locality/ Groundwork route. This has allowed us to hold meetings, print copies of our consultation draft and generally function as a Neighbourhood Forum.
        I was also delighted to see an about turn on the town centre phase 2 from “no housing is impossible” to some 100 flats above the cinema/ food outlet complex.
        The Forum is now preparing for the examination of the local plan part 2 where an independent and objective inspector will judge the council’s proposals against broader planning policy and of course against the 2014 Aligned Core Strategy. I remain confident that Bramcote will be in a much better position at the end of that process as a result of the residents of Bramcote having their views captured and expressed through the formally recognised Forum.
        If the Bramcote Forum can be of any assistance please do get in touch. We have learnt a lot from other Forums and from our own journey.

        Keep up the good work and thank you for what you said last night!



  5. Really? You clearly weren’t listening to my speech Martin. Please tell the people of Bramcote why you voted to destroy the green belt here whilst protecting it at Nuthall? And why your government refused to fund the rebuilding of the school which has lead to this situation?


  6. I am a bit confused by all the different websites and comments, so if this has already appeared here, forgive me. I am very concerned about the Coventry Lane development, especially now it’s gone up to 500 homes. I would like to know:

    What new infrastructure is going to be provided and can the area cope if the answer is none? Nursery/Primary school places? Shops? Playgrounds etc.

    What study has been done on the impact of increased traffic on the junctions around Coventry Lane, e.g. Balloon Woods crossroads, the Bramcote Park roundabout and the Sherwin roundabout junction with access to the A52? These junctions are already very busy and get logjammed in the morning and evening. Also in relation to traffic, I understand there will be just one way in and out of the new estate. Won’t that be a problem?

    How many affordable houses are there going to be?

    How secure are the ‘guarantees’ on protecting wildlife, providing the new leisure centre, protecting the remaining green belt land and the return of any ‘excess’ money’ – I really cannot imagine that the Academy will be refunding any money!

    I’d also like to know what happens if the Academy/Federation goes broke or decides to no longer run the school. Does the city/county get the building and site back for free? It seems the building is being funded by the generous donation of our land, so we should retain a claim on the building if the Academy/Foundation stop functioning (as many have).


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