Broxtowe County Councillors and How They Voted on the Abolition of the Borough Council

Cllr Steve Carr:

Just so that readers have the information, this is a list of all Broxtowe County Councillors and how they voted on the Abolition of the Borough Council motion yesterday.

Against the motion:

Steve Carr (LibDem)    Bramcote & Beeston North

Kate Foale (Lab).          Beeston South & Central

For the motion:

Richard Jackson (Con) Toton, Chilwell and Attenborough

Eric Kerry (Con).            Toton, Chilwell and Attenborough

John Doddy (Con).        Stapleford and Central Broxtowe

John Longden (Con).    Stapleford and Central Broxtowe

Philip Owen (Con)          Nuthall and Kimberley

John Handley (Con).     Greasley

Tony Harper (Con).        Eastwood




  1. Nottingham City council has wasted no time in its own land grab. The Nottingham Post says “Nottingham City Council has said if a case is eventually sent to the Government, it will create its own bid to enlarge the city’s boundaries to include West Bridgford, Arnold, Gedling and Broxtowe.”:

    The full list of how the 65 county councillors voted is also reported by the Post. Interestingly the group of Independent Councillors who control Mansfield all voted against the abolition of the borough and district councils.


  2. So Richard Jackson, Leader of Broxtowe Council, votes for its abolition. It follows that his position as Leader of the borough council is untenable and he should resign from that position.
    And shame on the other Tory borough councillors who voted to abolish ‘local’ government too.
    If Cutts-for cuts and her lapdogs are so keen on saving taxpayers’ money, why has has she not proposed a motion to do away with the county council and let the districts carry on providing local services in the way they local constituents want. I despair.


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