How Best to Promote a Democratic Voice

Ian Tyler writes: Well, we’re in a maelstrom of various political options.
Whilst I’m a Lib-Dem ,I’m first and foremost someone in our community who wishes to find a voice that reflects those things that we value .
What is it that we value?
Our family first, hopefully our respect for those less fortunate , whatever their circumstances.
Political parties look for the convenient platitudes that they hope will take the pressure off the issue of the day.
Be sure of what you really believe, don’t be convenient – express your opinion.

Now the “bitter end”, an old naval expression for the point where the anchor was free and ready to stow.

We have , in Broxtowe, a ruling administration that has uniquivically indicated it’s wish to destroy our voice, has raided the reserves built up by it’s predecessors, totally failed to acknowledge the dedication of its officers, and used them as an excuse for their own incompetence.
Now the Tory Nottinghamshire County Council seeks to cement it’s self seeking hold on power by abolishing the irritating Borough Councils who interfere with their “we know better than you plebs”
There are alternatives .
The best, in my opinion, would be to abolish the NCC, have fewer ,amalgamated BC’s , and let localism really have a voice.


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  1. I would like to pay tribute to the 40+ folks who attended last night’s neighbourhood forum – and the many apologies from those who were unable to attend but wanted to express their thoughts on the latest proposals from planning officers.
    I continue to be impressed – but not surprised – at the great ideas that emerge when a group of free citizens (‘plebs’ as Ian styles us) get together to discuss something of common interest-in this case our homes and the area in which we live.
    It is time to consider some direct democracy – we have the technology and, as Forum members have shown time and time again, we have the capability. The issue is whether our political elites (patricians if you will) have the will to relinquish – or perhaps share – power.
    Change is possible and change has happened as a result of enough of us expressing an opinion loudly, clearly and often enough that it cannot be ignored. I hold up the inclusion of dwellings in the Phase 2 town centre and the reduction in the loss of green belt as two examples.
    The impotence of citizens is no longer acceptable and nor is it inevitable. However with power comes responsibility.
    This debate will go on not just here in Bramcote but across the country in the months and years to come. The brexit referendum and the localism act have opened a Pandora’s box that will not be closed.


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