Comments from Paul Nathanail Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

Ahead of the Jobs & Economy committee on 16 July, Broxtowe BC has published the draft Local Plan Part 2.  Last minute changes will have a major impact on Bramcote if Councillors choose to accept the plan.

The agenda for the Jobs & Economy Committee summarises the situation in Bramcote as follows:
• Number of houses [to be built on the Coventry Lane Playing Fields] increased from 300 to 500. This is achievable as the Local Wildlife Site [remnant of Bramcote Moor] has been reviewed and the area of ecological value is smaller than previously anticipated and the Hillside Gospel Church land has been included in the residential allocation area. This is to allow for greater certainty that the school can be re-built and also increase the likelihood of a replacement leisure centre
• The aspiration to include a leisure centre has been strengthened with the removal of the qualification ‘if required’
• Requirement to mitigate/compensate loss of [the Bramcote Moor] Local Wildlife Site at equivalent quality
• New Requirement to provide single [road] junction for Bramcote/Stapleford allocations (opposite Sidings Lane) in accordance with the request of Nottinghamshire County Council as the highway Authority
• Local Green Space designation has been changed back to Green Belt following various request that this is done [retaining much of the Bramcote Hills land in green belt]
• Clarification and strengthened Green Infrastructure links
• Reference to ‘not compromising the stability’ regarding removal of vegetation on the cutting

The full document can be downloaded from:

I have asked the council for more details on the Bramcote Moor nature reserve review but have been told that no details are available at the present time.

The proposals would mean that Bramcote would take over 10% of the 6150 homes target that Broxtowe set it self when it adopted the Aligned Core Strategy… 40 at st johns, 100 at the golf course and 500 at the coventry lane playing fields along with a number of smaller infill developments.  This is a very large proportion and will significantly change our area.

I will be writing to the Chair of the Jobs & Economy Committee asking his committee to consider the extent to which the plan is being reasonable in the way it is treating Bramcote.

To that end, there will be a meeting on Thursday 12 July for Forum members to agree on the contents of that letter.

This is clearly a very important moment in time for our area and this is the chance for the Forum to inform our councillors of our views on Part 2 of the plan.

As if that was not enough, on Thursday morning, teh County Council is discussing a motion tabled by the leader of the County Council to pursue Nottinghamshire County Council becoming a unitary authority – as Nottingham City Council already is. Such a course of action wold involved abolishing Broxtowe Borouch Council and all of its services being provied by the County Council.

I hope you will attend and take part in the meeting on 12 July – venue to be announced!

Whether or not you are able to attend please free to email me ( with any thoughts you may have on the Council’s plan or the ambitions of the County Council’s leader to form a unitary authority.

Please pass this on to friends and neighbours and encourage them if they are not yet a member of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum, to consider joining at

warm regards,
Paul Nathanail
Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum


    1. The Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum meeting is Thursday 12 July at 8pm in the St Michael and All Angels Church Centre (

      All Forum members are very welcome to attend, contribute and vote on our response to the last minute changes to the draft Local Plan Part 2 that will affect Bramcote.

      If anyone reading this would like to come to the meeting and is not a member, can they please join by following the URL:


      Paul Nathanail


  1. Is this the right place to ask about Japanese Knotweed? I understand that some of this highly invasive species has been found on Bramcote Ridge and is spreading.


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