1. How is Dr Doddy planning to vote at the Notts CC meeting on Thursday when motion 3 is to abolish the 7 Borough and District councils and establish a unitary authority for the whole of Notts I wonder?


    1. Well, he got stuffed on this venture; you don’t come up against the Conservative Party machine without getting bruised. Remember ,their mandate from central office is “power at all costs” – we’re the plebs, they’re the Patricians – what a bunch of hypocritical self seeking , morality lacking plonkers.


  2. And of course we still don’t know which sitting Conservative councillor has been allowed to stand again despite HQ saying he shouldn’t after an inquiry. So until we find out, we can only assume it could be any one of them.


    1. Just to give a bit of balance to the current position on senior officers of the Council who have been suspended/ dispensed with.
      Council officers are responsible to the Chief Executive of the Council; the distinction is important as it separates political interference from the executive.
      However, appointments of senior officers are subject to a series of assessments prior to them being interviewed by a panel comprised of Councillors and senior officers.
      That means that though there is a separation of powers in the relationship of officers dealings with councillors – there is a responsibility of councillors to acknowledge their participation in that selection.
      Any business not mindful of their joint responsibilities to their investors (us) can be deemed negligent; the caveat of separation should not apply.
      The current ruling party at Broxtowe has failed, very expensively, to accept that responsibility.



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