Broxtowe Part Two Plan – Changes Relating to Bramcote

Councillor Martin Plackett writes: Broxtowe Borough Council Jobs and Economy Meeting are due to debate changes to the Councils Part 2 Plan at their next meeting.

If changes proposed relating to Bramcote are agreed then thanks to submissions from Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum and a strong personal plea to the Committee from Cllr Martin Plackett both BRAMCOTE HILLS PARK and the RUNNING TRACK area off MOOR LANE will REMAIN as GREENBELT.

I am delighted that this proposal is to be discussed at the July meeting.   It is pleasing that the campaign by myself and the Forum for these changes has been addressed and hopefully will be adopted by the Committee and subsequently the Full Council.

The changes to the Plan also increase the number of houses off Coventry Lane in Bramcote to 500 giving greater certainty that a brand new 21st Century School can be built  and increases the likelihood of a new leisure Centre also being built.   The aspiration to include a Leisure centre has been strengthened with the removal of the qualification ‘if required’.

Link to the Local Plan Part 2:-

Martin Plackett
Cllr Bramcote Ward BBC


  1. Martin, thank you so much for your hard work on this issue. It sounds very promising, so congratulations are in order. Let’s hope the committee’s current proposals will be adopted.


  2. Martin, thanks for ensuring that this very popular and much utilised area is to remain inthe Green Belt. Common sense hopefully will prevail!! You only have to go down to the park to se how much this area is used for much needed R&R by all ages, at all times of the year. Thanks again. G


  3. If this is accepted, it will be very good news for the residents of Bramcote (myself included). Its good to see the points raised by the local Forum being listened too. The sooner the new school is built together, with a new local Leisure Centre as well, the better, and hopefully the proposed 200 extra houses, will help make this possible. Many thanks for your hard work in this matter.
    Tony Smith.


  4. Martin, well done for your work on this proposal. I do hope the proposal is agreed at the next meeting so as to ensure the area stays in the Green Belt The area is certainly well used by the community.. Thanks also for your continued hard work on behalf of the residents of Bramcote


  5. Let’s get this straight. When the LibDems/Labour left office in Broxtowe in 2015, the park and the running track were within the green belt. Any proposals to move them out of the green belt came from the present Tory administration of which Cllr Plackett is part.

    I agree that he made representations to the Jobs & Economy Committee as I did myself. Indeed, there is a recorded vote showing that I voted against the plan which also shows all Conservatives on the committee voting in favour. This is a prime example of Conservative Party spin. They have taken huge swathes of Bramcote out of the green belt to build 500 homes on one side of Coventry Lane and 250 on the other side. Everyone seems to love the idea of a new school and leisure centre but remember in the election campaign in 2015, the Tories told you that the green belt would be safe with them.

    Incidentally, the school applied to central government (also Conservative) for the finance to build the new school and were told that they were not a priority.


  6. I recall a meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council and Councillor John Longdon voted in favour of the land in Stapleford behind the Crematorium being put forward. I found that odd as he was once a member of STRAG and was against such developments. Funny, well actually sad how a person has a short memory once the elections are over as to what he promised. So much for being the “Voice of the people of Stapleford”


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