Promising Progress For Broxtowe Budget

Broxtowe borough council has published its 2017/18 outturn financial position, with good progress made during the last financial year.

“We’re pleased to report that our 17/18 outturn financial position has been very positive and put us in a good position for the future,” said Leader of the Council, Councillor Richard Jackson.

“Thanks to good performance in a number of areas, working in a more commercially minded way and using our assets effectively, the Council is well placed to meet the medium term financial challenges and deliver on its priorities to provide good quality homes, protect the environment, make people feel safe, improve our town centres and make people healthier.”

Key developments in 2017/18 include:

  • 1,098 new homes given planning permission and 324 built – the highest number since 2008.
  • A 13.57% reduction in fly tipping thanks to a successful litter and fly tipping action plan.
  • Development of a new spa at Bramcote Leisure Centre and 3,372 children booked onto weekly swimming lessons.
  • Improvements to five parks and open spaces across the Borough, with £0.5 million agreed for further improvements over the next two years.
  • Achieved White Ribbon Accreditation for work to reduce domestic violence.
  • Progress made on the redevelopment of Beeston Square.

For more information, visit our Performance and Spending pages.



    1. “..they..” ?? Shame on you: you are part of the council too, one of the elected Members, so your comment should be corrected to “…WE are not good at leak management”.
      Setting that sentiment aside, if someone (another councillor?? a member of staff?) feels the need to ‘leak’ information in the public interest, it is a form of whistleblowing that should be applauded if there is something untoward afoot. If there isn’t anything untoward going on, then the councillor/employee involved should be summarily dismissed for breaching confidentiality. Maybe this will happen. Watch this space.
      Councillor Carr: have you called for yet another expensive investigation to find the leaking culprit (at yet more public expense)?. If not, why not?


  1. So if everything’s hunky-dory, why does the Town Hall need to be sold off? I must be missing a trick…


  2. Interesting that they are heralding the town square progress as a success- from what I’m hearing the plans are grossly unsustainable and are lacking any support from cinema chains. Is this going to end up as another colossal waste of council money?


      1. And the LibDems didn’t?
        If not, what were your proposals to bring this site forward for development and why haven’t they come to fruition???


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