Anna Soubry – Press Release Regarding Aldi, Stapleford

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has secured a debate in Parliament to raise her concerns that supermarket chain Aldi has failed to build homes they promised in Stapleford despite obtaining permission to do so in 2016. The 10 homes are to be built on disused brownfield on Pinfold Lane alongside a new supermarket which is also yet to be built.

The debate will take place on Tuesday 3rd July and will mean that the relevant Minister will respond.

Anna said: “I have a growing concern that Aldi are sitting on the land and letting it become overgrown, despite promising to build the houses. We are in desperate need of new housing and Broxtowe Borough Council were brave in asking Aldi to build the homes as a condition of building their new store. Aldi agreed and they must now fulfil their promise.”

“Of course, the sooner Aldi get on and build the homes, they can also build their new supermarket which will benefit them as well as Stapleford’s residents. Any further delay is unacceptable.”

“The debate will highlight the issue and hopefully Aldi will now get on and build the homes, which is in line with Government Policy.”

Press Release from Anna Soubry MP.


  1. Not long ago Jessops Construction posted on there website they would be building the 10 Houses and the Store. They shortly afterwards removed the article and will not respond to emails.(That sounds familiar). The article stated they would be starting Summer 2018 and expected completion Summer 2019. Let’s see if that happens.

    As I understand they have outline permission for the 10 Houses so would need to go back to Council with a detailed application, I have emailed the Head of Planning to ask if this is correct.


  2. As a long term resident of Bramcote (32 years) and now Stapleford I am dismayed at the delay in letting Aldi build their much needed supermarket. It will help considerably to reduce food miles for local residents.
    As to arguments about building much needed 10 houses, what about that big piece of scruffy land opposite the Pinfold Land site i’ve always referred as “Moults Yard”. The cottages on Nottingham Road were knocked down many years ago and NOTHING has been done to see it used for the much needed homes in The Borough. A lot more than 10 homes/flats could be built there, similar to very good semis which were built on the old scout hut land in Welch Avenue. Get on with pushing house builders to take on the challenge, and let’s have our supermarket.


  3. If council tax was charged on the basis of the planning permission land has things might be different.

    Once planning permission is granted, a time of say two years could be allowed for the construction to take place and then council tax paid.

    Perhaps this time lapse could be part of the viability assessment of the planning application – in this case developers would justify viability including a construction schedule and that would form the basis for charging council tax.

    There would then be an incentive to developers to construct and not just sit on land once planning permission has been granted.


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