Beeston North Neighbourhood Forum

This is published for information as some of our readers may live in Beeston North. This area is adjacent to Bramcote Ward whose Neighbourhood Forum can be found at

Steve Carr writes: Barbara Carr and myself have advised Borough Council that it is the intention to designate Beeston North as an area that will produce a local plan.

A neighbourhood forum is the body that leads on the production of a local plan in areas that are not covered by either parish or town councils.

The proposal at this stage is to have a local plan that protects existing green areas in Beeston North ward. For example, Wollaton Road allotments, Sandy Lane green space, Dennis Avenue allotments, Beeston Fields Rec. plus others that are identified later in the process.

We need people to get involved. It is a legal requirement that the membership of the forum should reflect the demographics of the area.

To that end, if you wish to become a member (you are not committing to any work or financial outlay) could you email me on

Once it is clear that the proposed forum has the legally required number of members, we will hold a meeting for all residents to attend and elect a committee to produce a plan. Meetings will take place throughout the process to advise on progress and seek approval from members.

This is ONLY open to residents of Beeston North Borough Ward. If you are unsure if you are eligible or not, feel free to contact me.

Map below.


  1. Excellent idea and something I fully support. It is important and well done to Steve for getting the ball rolling. I am no expert by a long shot but happy to offer any help and advice if it’s needed having been involved in the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan.


  2. Wish you well Steve, as a bonus such a venture brings a community together.



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