1. I would rather have a politician that doesn’t constantly tow the party line than one that just sticks their hand in the air when told to. Which happens all the time at Broxtowe Council.


  2. To me this looks like someone wants to be the MP.

    Maybe this same someone should concentrate on being a County Councillor instead.

    As our MP Anna has always helped me when I have asked for help which in turn means many others have received help. The Office of the MP has always got the door open to me and always reply to my emails.

    I am not interested in Parties and such I am however interested in getting things done and I would like to thank our MP for helping me. Credit where credit is due.

    Sad to read this article.


  3. I don’t always agree with what Anna does as an MP but i can honestly say she has been fantastic with us turning up to events and helping with issues in Stapleford,its a shame that this other person can’t do the same instead of burying their head in the sand.


  4. I’d be worried if I was a patient of a GP who spends so much of his time on political vanity projects and self-promotion. GPs are always moaning that they’re overworked and underpaid. Hmmm.


  5. I am no great fan of Anna Soubry but those hot heads in the local Conservative association who want extreme Brexit need to understand what this would mean. Even the regime in North Korea now realises that it has to negotiate and reach some kind of arrangement with other countries in the world. Like it or not we have to trade with other countries even those in Europe and even if we build a wall we will still need to let someone people in and out of the country.


  6. From previous comments made on this site, it would appear that Dr Doddy shares the same views on the EU as Anna Soubry. In fact he went on to say that there should be as many referenda as it takes, until the electorate vote to remain in the European Union.
    Such views are not compatible with democratic process, or in tune with local Conservatives.
    For this reason I doubt Dr Doddy is trying to unseat Anna, to become Conservative candidate at the next election.
    If Anna Soubry does resign, or agrees to not seek reelection, a new candidate must be found who is loyal to the party, and the views of their voters.


  7. “If Anna Soubry does resign, or agrees to not seek reelection, a new candidate must be found who is loyal to the party, and the views of their voters.”

    An MP represents all their constituents not just their voters. Anna didn’t get over 50% of the vote in 2017!

    How about loyalty to what they think is right. I would rather have Anna who knows her own mind on this issue than a party hack who, lemming like, is following the party line to nurture their future career.


    1. Why be a member of a party, if one isn’t loyal to it?
      If their views are at odds with the party, its members and the leadership, they are essentially not part of the party.
      Therefore they should stand as an independent.


  8. You can be loyal to a party but not agree with everything it stands for. I would challenge anyone to show me a party member who agrees with every policy of their party. After all, Brexiter Tories have been in a pro- EU party since 1972!


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