News from Anna Soubry MP – 22 June 2018

Hello again,
Many thanks to everyone who replied so positively to my last email newsletter your support means a great deal. I very much hope today’s lovely weather continues over the weekend (and we win Sunday’s World Cup game!).
Whatever you are doing, have a good one.
As ever, Anna

PS The HS2 “engagement event” in on now until 8pm in Trowell Village Hall. 

HS2 Engagement Event  Today 22 June 2018
2pm – 8pm
Where: Trowell Parish Hall, Stapleford Road, Nottingham, NG9 3QA
What’s on: HS2 will share their revised plans and designs and talk with you about their proposals. The event will be attended by HS2 employees and contractors with expertise in a wide range of fields including engineering, environment, and land and property.

Stapleford sex offender police action 

I am very grateful to our local police for their swift action following news that a convicted paedophile is living next to St John’s Cof E Primary in Stapleford. Local officers attended yesterday and spoke to parents and staff giving considerable reassurance. Patrols have been stepped up and I am confident that any potential risk to the children will literally be removed when the offender is rehoused.

ShorwoodOpencast mining threat lifted at Shortwood Farm

Planning permission granted three years ago by Nottinghamshire County Council for opencast coal mining between Trowell and Cossall, has expired. The previous administration at the County Council approved plans to remove 1.275 million tonnes of coal from the site and permission ran out earlier this week This is very good news for local residents who I supported and campaigned with against the plans.

Bramcote College

It was great fun meeting pupils from Bramcote College who spent a day in Parliament this week. As ever, the questions were tough! I met Executive Principal of The White Hills Park Federation Trust, Paul Heery for one of our regular catch ups last Friday. I am delighted to learn there is a pupil trip to China (what an opportunity) and am looking forward to meeting a delegation from China who are visiting the school in the next few weeks.

Mending our broken warriors

During my time as a Defence Minister I had responsibility for the decision to move Headley Court to Stanford Hall near East Leake. Headley Court has been responsible for the rehabilitation of members of our armed forces who have suffered injury including the most serious loss of limbs and neurological damage. Stanford Hall was formally handed over to the nation yesterday and I was honoured to be a guest. This remarkable £300 million facility will start taking patients in the next few months as Headley Court closes. Read more on the BBC East Midlands website here.


  1. I have requested that if moved the Sec Offender in Stapleford is not rehoused in Stapleford North Ward as we most certainly DON’T want him up here.


    1. Unfortunately Richard the poor bloke has to live somewhere. Perhaps you would like to see him placed on a prison island. I understand that there are several abandoned forts in the Thames and Mersey Estuaries that would seem to be suitable.


  2. “I have little doubt that the people of Broxtowe and indeed Britain want us to remain in Europe”
    Anna Soubry writing in 2011
    (Republished in the Daily Telegraph 28/02/2018)

    Wrong Anna!
    Respect the will of the people and stop backing Brussels instead of Britain.


    1. There is no such thing as will of the people. Democracy is embedded in Parliament, through Parliamentary Elections, not through an advisory referendum.


      1. We’ve been through this before Mr Taylor. The Prime Minister of the day, David Cameron, said on several occasions that the result of the referendum would be binding and that whatever the British People decided would be carried out. He was of course expecting the result to be, by a minimum of one vote, totally different to what happened. At NO point did he (and it could only be he) declare that it was an ‘advisory’ vote. If Democracy is embedded in Parliament why on earth do we have a General Election every five years. In another European country, referenda are an integral part of their democracy, would that this country did the same.


      2. The referendum was not advisory.
        David Cameron made it clear in his Chatham House speech that the result would be honoured. Everyone entered the campaign with that knowledge. The fact that some on the losing side now wish to negate the result, reveals their contempt for democracy.


    2. Using your argument then Howard, the Scottish people voted Remain, then the Will of the Scottish people should be upheld.

      The so called Will of The People is embedded in Parliamentary Democracy, something Anna Soubry understands, but unfortunately you do not.

      It’s strange how many people who voted leave assume that if anyone challenges their views ( whatever they are ),they assume they voted Remain..


      1. In the independence referendum, the people of Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom.
        The EU referendum related to the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.
        Therefore your argument is both invalid and bizarre.


  3. You really do need to check up on your politics. Cameron might have said the result would be honoured but that makes no difference to the fact that any referendavus advisory and the result cannot be automatically transferred into law.

    Just check Switzerland.

    They hold many referenda and they always confirm that any result is non binding.


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