Broxtowe Commits To Tackling Single Use Plastics

Broxtowe Borough has committed to tackling single use plastics, with Councillors approving a new Single Use Plastic Action Plan at the Leisure and Environment Committee Meeting on 13 June.

The action plan is designed to help support local, national and global efforts to reduce the use of single use plastics and includes:

  • Auditing  what single use plastics the Council currently uses in its activities
  • Assessing use of single use plastics by partners and contractors and seek their commitment to support the Council’s Action Plan.
  • Highlighting the issues of single use plastics to residents and businesses and encourage them to use alternatives.
  • Looking at plastic use at Council events particularly Community Events.

Generally the term single-use plastic includes all products that are made wholly or partly of plastic and are typically intended to be used just once and/or for a short period of time before being disposed of. Examples of items commonly recognised as single-use plastics include: takeaway boxes, disposable coffee cups, stirrers, plastic wrap, polystyrene packaging and cigarette filters.

Following a Government Consultation, the Council submitted a joint response with other Nottinghamshire District Councils and developed an action plan to support the global effort to reduce the use of single use plastics.

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