Land for Sale off Sandy Lane – Steve Carr

Councillor Steve Carr writes: I have had discussions with the Leader and Chief Executive and we are beginning the process of investigating purchase of the Broxtowe part of the land to extend the LNR.

Also, Labour activists have been on the Ridge telling people it is being sold for development which is totally incorrect and is just frightening people.


  1. This is a beautiful piece of land, far better than the part of the former golf course which has been lost.
    We must explore all avenues to keep it free from development, and an asset for the community.


  2. Is anyone able to expand on what is being said here? LNR? Is this about an extension to the London Northwestern Railway? Is it about having a late night race track?


  3. If one looks at the advert it suggests that there is potential for development. I assume this is to encourage speculative investors and frighten local people?


    1. I assume it is to maximize the sale price. Yet the topography alone would make development extremely difficult.


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