More Cold Calls By Bogus Police Officers

Holly Knebel (Police, Staff, Nottinghamshire) writes: We had three separate reports on Monday 4 June 2018 where people had been called by fraudsters impersonating police officers.

On each occasion the suspect claimed to be from a force outside of Nottinghamshire, providing a bogus name and collar number and alleging that there had been fraudulent activity on the victim’s bank account. They will then ask the victim to take some form of action involving their account or bank card.

A real police officer would NEVER call a member of the public asking them to disclose personal or financial information and then instruct them to take immediate financial action.

If you ever get a call from an officer that you’re not sure about, please first verify the officer’s details by calling the force in question via the 101 service, ensuring that you speak directly with the named officer in question. If possible make this call from a telephone line other than the one on which the cold call was received. If you do not have access to an alternate line wait at least 10 minutes before calling 101 on the same telephone.

A legitimate police officer will not take issue with you independently verifying their identity nor will they try to intimidate or coerce you into taking the action they suggest over the telephone.

If you believe that you have been called by a bogus police officer, please report the incident to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre, on 0300 123 2040 or via

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