Land for Sale off Sandy Lane

If you live on Sandy Lane or that area or walk along the Ridge, you’ll be interested in this: If the link is not working try


  1. This isn’t good news. As far as I can ascertain the land falls within the jurisdiction of both Nottingham City and Broxtowe. And if it is sold for development then more than 50% of the eastern Bramcote Ridge will be lost. Say good-bye to wildlife corridors. Yet alone joined-up thinking between local authorities and Neighbourhood Forums.

  2. If correct Richard is quite right. I have asked for clarification from the Head of Broxtowe Borough Council Planning.

  3. Green belt land. But after the loss of part of Deddington Plantation, this area must not be built upon.
    It would seem that the price indicates that the land has no value for development. But as it is so cheap, how about arranging a community purchase?
    It is not the responsibility of the council to use our council tax payments to acquire the land. But we could arrange a community fund to preserve the area.

    1. Howard – it isn’t in the greenbelt and therefore does not enjoy that level of ‘protection’ which is given by national planning policy.

  4. Auctioneer’s site says it was sold for £200,000

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