1. No planning applications have been submitted for either developments on the Coventry Lane playing fields or for new school buildings to Broxtowe Borough Council.

    Nottinghamshire County Council’s Policy Committee voted to transfer the Coventry Lane playing fields to White Hills Park Federation on 18 October 2017 but my understanding is that solicitors have only recently been appointed to undertake the legal work in connection with the transfer so it will be a while before planning applications are submitted.

    I suggest you come along to the CAT Meeting on 4 June 2018 and seek further news from our elected representatives.


  2. Jane, if you are able it would be good to see you at Bramcote’s next CAT meeting, Monday 4th June 7.00 pm in The Memorial Hall on Church Street when Paul Heery, Executive Head of WHF of Schools will be offering an update.


    1. Sorry to say that I am not available on 4th June. But if I was I would much rather hear from our District Councillors,, our County Councillors and (in a utopian world) our MP. As opposed to the Executive Headteacher (and Accounting Officer?) of a Federation Trust that has everything to gain from the ‘gifting’ of the Coventry Lane playing fields from public into private ownership. I hope our elected representatives make their opinions known at the meeting.


    2. At the CAT meeting please could Councillor Plackett also confirm whether the land at Sandy Lane Bramcote now being auctioned off (does the borough council own it??) enjoys the same ‘protected open space’ status as did the Deddington Lane golf course? Despite planning policies ‘protecting’ the golf course from building, planning consent was still given for new homes on that land.


  3. Gutted that I can’t attend the meeting. Would love to hear clarification about this crucial site, the decision making process, what is the current situation regarding taking Green Belt land out of it both to the East and West of Coventry Lane. How many houses are proposed? Was 300 or so, now talk of 500? And West of Coventry Lane 200 plus? Where’s the road infrastructure to support this? And is it really all required?


  4. Have asked for clarification from the Head of Planning at Broxtowe Borough Council.

    As I write to the best of my knowledge NO outline planning application has been submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council.


  5. Does Broxtowe council own any part of the site that is up for auction?
    The planning section of the council’s website shows no planning applications received for this land but that won’t prevent speculation by developers. Can Cllr Plackett enquire of the Head Of Planning if any potential developers have already approached the council and, if so, what the advice to the developers was? Thank you.


    1. Land Ownership: The site off Sandy Lane is in private ownership and is part in Nottingham and part in Broxtowe. The Coventry Lane site, wholly in Broxtowe, is owned by Nottinghamshire County Council.


  6. The land that’s being auctioned by Sandy Lane is full of Japanese Knotweed. Can’t see that being declared anywhere. It isn’t being dug out so can’t see how that land can be safely developed.


    1. Claire – now you’ve told the neighbours about the Knotweed they won’t be able to sell their houses or probably get insurance either! But in practice it is possible to get rid of it, with perseverance.


  7. Where is this planning application at now? The last time I managed to find anything, it said that the probable increase in traffic around Balloon Woods junction (and down Wollaton Vale) would be ‘mitigated’. However, there was no indication of what this meant in practice. I remain extremely concerned about the impact of these 700 new homes along Coventry Lane and the impact the pollution, traffic, infrastructure (schools, doctors etc.) stress is going to have on people in the surrounding areas.


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