News from Anna Soubry MP – 25 May 2018

Hello again,
There are some important items so please read on. There is also a good variety of events on this weekend from the High Road Hustle in Beeston on Sunday to the glorious Greasley Gathering on Bank Holiday Monday.
Whatever you are doing this Whitsun have a great time.
As ever,  Anna

Crime facts matter

There is growing concern in the south of the constituency after a spate of crimes in the Beeston, Chilwell and Toton area. I am alert to postings on various local social media sites and hope this update will be posted and shared to reassure everyone.
I have been in contact with our new Inspector and my thanks to him for his speedy response.

I think the first thing to say is that crime levels remain low in most of Broxtowe. The full set of statistics for the Borough (they include Eastwood and Brinsley which are not in the constituency) is available here.
Crimes reported to the police are broken down by them in to categories and recorded for each ward of the Borough.

The total number of crimes for the whole of Broxtowe in February 2011 was 908, in March 2011 it was 854, in February of last year it was 669, rising to 714 in March. This year shows 682 crimes being committed in February and 836 in March.

The crime figures peaked in 2011 and then fell away over the years, but in the last twelve months there appears to be a rise (though monthly fluctuations are noticeable).

I believe the burglary of someone’s home is a serious matter. The figures for Broxtowe do not distinguish between burglaries of a business premises or a home but, to set things in context, the figures for Central Beeston reveal there were 4 burglaries in December 2010 and 5 in March 2018. In Chilwell and Chilwell Meadows there were 7 in December 2010 and 5 in March of this year.   Of course one burglary of someone’s home is one burglary too many; the importance of the figures, I hope, is to reassure people as to the scale of the problem.

Inspector Riley shares my concerns and has informed me of a number of measures he and his team have taken, including their work to target bike thefts in Beeston town centre.  I cannot share operational details but I am satisfied that the police have the resources they need and are taking the action we all demand to keep us and our property safe.

We won’t see the benefits of the recent boost in police funding immediately but I am confident, especially given the contents of the new Home Secretary’s speech to the Police Federation this week, that we are doing the right thing by our police.

It goes without saying that all crime must be reported by calling 101, or in an emergency 999.

Broxtowe launches community lottery

A new lottery is being set up by Broxtowe Borough Council to raise money for good causes across the borough. Weekly prizes up to £25,000 will be up for grabs and 60p of every £1 ticket will go to local charities. The lottery will launch later this year – click here for more info.


World Bee Day creates a buzz

Congratulations to bee keepers and enthusiasts for a splendid exhibition and celebration of bees last Sunday at the Canalside Centre in Beeston – I enjoyed my visit. It was World Bee Day and the activities attracted a good number of people. Click herefor more details of worldwide events and learn more about these important and fascinating insects.

Nuthall park to get £47,500 makeover

A children’s park on Redbridge Drive in Nuthall is set for improvements as part of Broxtowe Borough Council’s Pride in Parks scheme. The park is the first in the scheme which will see £500,000 invested to improve parks over the next 2 years. Redbridge Drive Park will close for 4 weeks on 30th May and the new park will have a bigger play area and new equipment. For more information click here.

Ring that bell!

Some good news – the bell at Stapleford Cemetery will be restored thanks to £8318 from Broxtowe Borough Council and Stapleford Town Council. The bell will be refurbished by the company who originally supplied it 133 years ago.


Data protection – important information

You may have had your inboxes swamped recently with emails about “GDPR”. Fortunately, as an elected representative, I am able to operate under the “public task” element of the Data Protection Act and therefore I do not need to re-seek your consent to ‘opt-in’. Nonetheless, please be assured I will protect any information and data you send me and I will never pass it onto a third party unless it is to assist you with an issue that you have directly raised with me. You will still receive my email newsletter as you do now. If you have any questions about how your data is used please do contact my office. You can also read my full Data Protection Policy here.

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