News from Anna Soubry MP – 18 May 2018

Hello again,
I am particularly pleased the weather is set to be fine for the weekend. I hope you will join me in wishing Notts County all success in tonight’s important game against Coventry that could see the Pies get through to the promotion play off final at Wembley. Tomorrow should be a lovely day for the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and again I am sure you will join me in wishing them every happiness.
Whatever your plans, have a lovely weekend.
As ever,  Anna

Universal Credit meeting

I held a meeting with all the relevant parties to make sure we are ready for the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) in Broxtowe this Autumn. My thanks to the Citizen’s Advice Broxtowe, Broxtowe Borough Council and Job Centre Plus for attending. UC will only be available for new claimants and I am keen to make sure it works for claimants not against them. I am confident the support to assist claimants with online applications and advance payments is in place in Broxtowe.

As your MP, I am here to help anyone with any benefit claim and have already taken up a number of PIP (disability benefits) claims directly with the Secretary of State. In short I am of the view that the initial assessments by Capita are largely flawed as I have a high number of constituents who have been refused PIP only to find they are eligible when they appeal the decision. I will keep you updated as my intention is to raise the issue in Parliament.


I attended last night’s meeting between Nuthall Parish Council and HS2 officials who told me it is possible to tunnel the entire route through Broxtowe and indeed Long Eaton. This would result in an underground station at Toton Sidings which in turn (in my opinion) could better facilitate tram links to Long Eaton and rail links to Derby and Leicester. The cost of a deep tunnel would be considerably more than the planned route, but it clearly has huge advantages for residents in Trowell and Nuthall and would avoid years of intense disruption to the M1 and other important roads serving Broxtowe, such as the A52 and A610. I and others were led to believe a tunnel was out of the question and there was accordingly no alternative to an 18 metre high viaduct through Trowell and a 13 metre high bridge at Nuthall. Strelley Village is due to have a cut and cover tunnel though villagers have argued for a bored tunnel. As a result of this new information (and confusion) I have written to Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State for Transport, for a full assessment of delivering HS2 to Toton Sidings via a tunnel as opposed to the proposed overland and overhead route. I will keep you informed!

Broxtowe welcomes new Mayor and his Deputy

Watnall Councillor, Derek Burnett (on the left in the photograph) has been elected our Mayor for the next twelve months. Derek’s Deputy is Greasley Councillor Mick Brown. Derek was awarded a BEM for his services to the community as a First Responder last year, and I am sure he will enjoy his term of office.

As Derek and Mick were appointed, it was time for this year’s Mayor, Halimah Khaled MBE, to step down. Halimah has been an excellent Mayor and has raised over £7,000 for her Wellbeing of Women charity. She has carried out 274 engagements. The popular Toton Councillor is not having a well deserved break but returning to her fundraising work!


Have your say on park improvements

Broxtowe Borough Council is asking you to rate your local park or open space. Please fill in the survey (link below) as it will help Broxtowe with how best to spend its half a million pound investment in park improvements. Have your say by clicking here.

Chilwell Meadows Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Cllrs Lee Fletcher and Richard Jackson recently met with local residents to discuss the creation of a Chilwell Meadows Neighbourhood Watch scheme.  Please contact Richard or Lee if you are interested. You can also subscribe to South Broxtowe Safer Communities alerts by clicking here.

Anonymity of accused before police charges

Not long after I was first elected, I introduced a Private Members Bill in Parliament to protect people from being named in the media before they were charged with a criminal offence. High profile cases have further exposed the injustice of splashing someone’s name all over the papers before they have even been interviewed by the police, never mind charged with any wrong doing. The damage to a person’s reputation is enormous when no charge or conviction is forthcoming. It is right that in some investigations a person should be named – for example if a business owner is accused of ripping off customers, the police should be able to appeal to other customers who have similar allegations to come forward. Other examples include sexual offences. My proposed law would allow the police to apply to a Crown Court Judge for leave to name someone if it was in the public interest. I supported the Government in not holding the second stage of the Leveson Inquiry but raised the tendency of the media to publish accused peoples’ names before charge as an example of why we need to take firmer action against the excesses of the media. As a result, I have had a very positive meeting with the Culture Secretary, Matt Hancock. I am urging the Government to take up my Bill and will keep you informed.

Correction – Giltbrook Care Home remains open

I mistakenly said in my last newsletter that Giltbrook Care Home will close. The owners assure me this is not true and my apologies for the misunderstanding.




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