News from Anna Soubry MP – 24 March 2018

Hello again,
I am sorry to report that the body of a young woman from Beeston who went missing earlier this month, has been recovered from the water at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. I am sure you will join me in sending condolences to the family and friends of Sarah Wright.
Please read on for more news and updates.
As ever,  Anna

The new owners of Boots manufacturing BCM, have announced 400 jobs will go at the renowned D10 factory. This is very concerning news although 700 jobs will remain along with a £15 million investment. New owners BCM met me some weeks ago and explained they will work with the trade unions to ensure anyone made redundant is given every assistance to find new work. Most of the jobs will move to a factory in Cardiff which is much more modern. D10 is a Grade 1 listed building and I have already spoken to Broxtowe Borough Council to ensue we work with BCM to ensure it can be retained as a modern manufacturing plant.

NHS staff set for 6.5% pay rise

I am delighted that our hard working NHS staff are to get a well deserved pay rise of at least 6.5% and for some workers a pay increase of 29%. The Government and Unions have agreed the deal which will now be voted on by Union members.

A52 lay by success

Highways England will install new signs in lay-bys on the A52 warning HGV drivers not to use them overnight. For some time residents on Russley Road in particular have complained about lorries because of the noise from refrigeration units. I first asked the Highways Agency to improve signage some time ago and I’m pleased we finally won the campaign!

Sowing Poppy Seeds

Pupils from Holywell Primary School sowed a stream of poppies to commemorate the end of World War I. The seeds will flower in early summer in Hall Om Wong Park in Kimberley. The children also planted wild flower plugs and tree saplings, all provided by Broxtowe Borough Council.


Kimberley Borough Councillors Shane Easom and Mel Crow were joined by our Mayor Halimah Khaled and I. This is the second poppy stream in the Borough, the first was planted in King George V Park in Bramcote.




Labour targets schools 

Hard left Momentum activists are targeting our schools putting out leaflets which make false claims about school funding. Every school in Broxtowe will receive more money – the average is an increase of 1.6%.

Albany Infants and Junior Schools in Beeston will get the biggest boost with an extra 9%. and every Primary School will get at least an extra 1%. Our secondary schools see the following increase in funding; Chilwell School will get an extra 2.3%, Bramcote 4.1%, Kimberley 1% and George Spencer 2.1%. Most busy people taking or picking up children feel politics shouldn’t be peddled at the school gate. It’s all the more galling when they deliberately spin phoney stats. Find out how much your school is getting here.

Toton Sidings spring clean

Friends of Toton Fields are holding their annual “spring clean” tidy up on Sunday. If you can spare them some time please come along at 10.00 am to the Greenwood Centre, Chester Green off the Banks Road in Toton.

Steve Austin, Sue Sambells & Mike Johnson

Bramcote Today gets a makeover

Congratulations to the Editors of Bramcote Today on their new look website. The popular community site has had over 1.5 million hits in the last 7 years. Well done Steve Austin, Sue Sambells and Mike Johnson. Check out Bramcote Today here and follow them on Twitter and Facebook too.




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  1. I’m pleased that Anna agrees with the 6.5% wage rise for the NHS. However I cannot see where some will get 29% and others 6.5%. What she carefully omits to mention is the fact that the 6.5% is spread over 3 years which is somewhat less than the +3% rate that it has been for some years. You really must try harder Anna.


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