News from Anna Soubry MP – 16 March 2018

Hello again,
I was in Parliament today to support a Bill that would allow the families of refugees to join them. I am delighted the Government, having listened to the debate, decided not to oppose the Bill. The legislation would apply to a small number of people, especially children, who have fled their homes in the face of war and persecution. Only someone who is in our country legally and has the status of a refugee could apply to bring over their close family members.  I spoke in the debate and you can watch my speech on my Facebook page. I haven’t been using Facebook for a while but I am back on it with a weekly video update so please check it out here.
Have a lovely weekend,
Police investigate hate mail 
I am appalled that Muslim families with children at Round Hill Primary School in Beeston have received hateful letters as part of a national campaign to incite violence against Muslims. The letters are being investigated by Broxtowe Police and national anti-terrorism police. Round Hill pupils come from diverse backgrounds and it is a lovely, happy and tolerant school. Round Hill’s headteacher is working with the police and wrote to all parents informing them of the letters. I have written to the school (read my letter here) offering my full support and also raised the matter in Parliament (which you can watch here).The senders of these letters do not represent the views of the vast majority of Broxtowe residents and we must continue to work together to fight Islamophobia in all its forms.
Supporting the PM’s actions against Putin and the Russian Government
Theresa May won support across the House of Commons for her tough stance against the Russian Government following the dreadful incident in Salisbury. Labour back benchers joined the leaders of all the other political parties in welcoming the Prime Minister’s statement and the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats. The response from the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was woeful and a number of his Shadow Cabinet have now disassociated themselves from it. You can watch my contribution here
Free school dinners 
Universal credit replaces a multitude of benefits and it is being rolled out across the UK. New claimants will join UC in Broxtowe in July. Changes made this week will see 50,000 more children receive free school meals. Unfortunately, Labour embarked on a social media campaign that amounted to scare mongering. The Channel 4 fact check sets the record straight – the Government is not taking away school dinners from the most needy of children.

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