News from Anna Soubry – 9 March 2018

Hello again,
I want to say a special thank you to all the public sector workers who battled through the snow and ice last week to get to work on behalf of us all. In particular to all our health workers and especially the bin men of Broxtowe who didn’t let the weather stop them from emptying our bins! Thank you.
It was a great pleasure to attend Sunday’s civic service in Stapleford. There was a good turn out, no doubt in part to thank the town’s Mayor, Chris Rice for all his work. Chris is very poorly but he battles on attending functions and representing the people of Stapleford – it is greatly appreciated and admired.
Enjoy the weekend and please keep in touch,
As ever,

No Council tax rise in Broxtowe

Broxtowe Borough Council has frozen Council Tax for another year. The Conservative run council has reduced rents for tenants by 1%, maintained services and provided half a million pounds for parks and open spaces over the next two years. Labour and the Lib Dems opposed the budget voting instead for a Council tax rise of almost 3%. Tory Councillors voted to set aside money for the Beeston Square Phase 2 redevelopment as well as community events to commemorate the end of the First World War and Remembrance Day Services. All sounds good to me!

Stapleford crime – update

Last weekend police in Stapleford put on extra patrols to tackle the recent crime spike in the town. There were a number of arrests and some youngsters were taken home to their parents. Our local Inspector Steve Wragg assures me known trouble makers will be dealt with. The Home Office has replied to my recent letter. The Policing Minister, assures me Nottinghamshire Police will have an additional £4.5 million. The task now is to ensure we get our share of extra resourcing in Broxtowe. Inspector Wragg is being promoted to a new area of the county in April and I want to pay public tribute to his hard work on behalf of everyone in the constituency. I have been particularly grateful for the way he is always available. We will miss him.

Mornington Primary becomes an academy

Mornington Primary School in Nuthall is set to become an Academy. This is good news for pupils and staff as the school will have more independence. Broxtowe Labour has opposed the moves to Academy status by many of our schools. Their dire warnings of falling standards and entry selection have all been proved to be false and our schools continue to improve and serve everyone in Broxtowe.

Attenborough crossing temporary closure 

The Long Lane rail crossing in Attenborough was padlocked this week without any signs or notices. My team immediately got in touch with Network Rail who told us they have closed the crossing for urgent repairs on a temporary basis.

Nuthall and Awsworth Neighbourhood Plans 

Nuthall Parish Council has submitted their neighbourhood plan to Broxtowe Borough Council. Residents have until the 20th April to comment on the plan. Click here to read the plan and have your say.

Awsworth Neighbourhood Forum is also consulting on their plan. The consultation closes on 13th April, please click here to read the plan and have your say. There is a consultation event at Awsworth Youth Centre on 17th March.

Ranson Road progress

I am pleased to see Evans Halshaw have put up a sign requesting their car transporters not to use the Ranson Road site entrance. But they can and must do more, so I hope they will agree to a meeting. Meanwhile, I have contacted the companies who have been using the road as a lorry park.

Broxtowe’s voice in Parliament

I welcomed the Prime Minister’s Speech on Brexit for its tone, and the honest appraisal of the choices we face. Theresa May explained her high ambition for a Brexit deal that delivers as much economic benefit as is possible, whilst conceding that even if she is successful we will not be as prosperous as we are now as members of the EU. Many people now appreciate that Brexit is both complex and costly. Any deal other than staying in the Single Market and Customs Union will establish a highly bureaucratic system to administer tariffs, new and existing regulations and the re-introduction of customs checks. I specifically asked the Prime Minister about the cost of these systems in the House of Commons.

You can read my question to the PM by clicking here.

The Government’s analysis on the impact of the various Brexit deals has now been published in part. The adverse effect on the East Midlands economy means any deal will reduce our projected growth. Even my own preference, the Single Market and Custom Union will see a 2% reduction in growth, 4% on a Free Trade Agreement and by 8% if we crash out without a deal. The analysis also undermines the claims that we can make good the economic harm of Brexit with new trade deals. We currently enjoy free trade deals with over 50 countries by virtue of our membership of the EU. I don’t anticipate President Trump giving us a great trade deal (look at his announcement this week of crushing tariffs on British steel imports!) but even if we got a good deal with every country, including China, our economy would not be as strong as it is now.

Read the Brexit analysis papers here.

I don’t believe people voted leave to be less well off and I don’t think voters were properly informed as to how complex Brexit would be. Everyone is entitled to have their say on any deal and in so doing look at the consequences of Brexit especially for their children and grandchildren. I would very much welcome your views.


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