More than 100 Notts roads set to get funding

Details of residential roads set to benefit from the first slice of new highways funding have been announced.

In direct response to local people’s priorities, an extra £20m was announced last month and added to Nottinghamshire County Council’s four-year capital maintenance programme to help upgrade the type of roads we use every day to get to and from home.

Councillor Steve Carr mentioned  this at the CAT Meeting last Monday 5 March.  He wanted suggestions where these funds should be allocated.



  1. We have had 3 meetings in Stapleford about the state of the roads and we invited both County Councillors Doddy and Longdon to attend them all. We spoke about various roads at the Stapleford Traffic and Transport Working Group and again both County Councillors Doddy and Longdon were invited.

    They have not attended one single meeting or replied to one single email.

    All the ideas that were formulated by local residents and Stapleford Councillors were all submitted to the County Council with County Councillors Doddy and Longdon copied in.

    We have not had one single reply from either of them.


  2. The most downright dangerous stretch of uneven, potholed road in the area is Ewe Lamb Lane between Derby Road and the junction with Central Avenue. It is bad enough trying to drive safely down it never mind attempting to cycle.


  3. Quite agree about Ewe Lamb Lane ! It is terrible. It’s like being on a ship in stormy seas if you are riding on the bus! Anyway, the County Council committee ‘Communities and Place’ was held today at 10:30. The agenda has been available for all to see on their website and appendix 1 to the agenda “2018/2019 Integrated Transport Programme’ lists all the schemes they considered. Loads county-wide as you would expect – and quite a number from across Broxtowe. I noted under the sub heading ‘ Network Structural Patching / Pothole Fund’ that Ewe Lamb Lane was ‘To Be Discussed’ pending pre-meeting investigation and prioritisation – so not clear if funding has been agreed this year to repair it as yet. The report indicates that whatever is on the list which doesn’t get treated this year will be dealt with in the following financial year. Minutes of meeting not yet available on line so final decisions unknown.


  4. I reported over 70 Potholes in the area recently and happy to say many of them have been kind of repaired. But I am not happy the way they have been done. Ewe Lamb Lane has been done recently and I am sure who did it turned up on a Horse. It’s a right mess. Nothing has been sealed and there is mess all over the road. And still heard nothing off any of the County Councillors.


  5. Sounds like the County Councillors deserve a pat on the back if all that has been achieved ! Well done to them ! Good to know they are listening to the local council !
    And have taken things forward even if not looking for recognition and applause.


    1. Really. What exactly have the County Councillors done, please remind me. They have had absolutely nothing to do with any requests for Stapleford as they never attended or replied to any emails regarding the roads in Stapleford. Despite being invited to all the meetings. Despite being sent numourous emails and despite being invited to the Stapleford Traffic and Transport Working Group. Any ideas put forward to Nottinghamshire County Council from these meetings had nothing to do with either of them.


  6. In your first email you said ” ideas …… were all submitted to the County Council with County Councillors Doddy and Longdon copied in….we have not had one single reply from either of them”. I read this to mean you hadn’t heard from the County Council and in my comment I was referring to the actions of the various County Councillors who sit on the Communities and Place committee of Nottinghamshire County Council. They make the decisions regarding the highway infrastructure and capital spend and as in the chain above, they would appear to have addressed at least some of Stapleford Town Council’s requests regarding the highway problems / issues you indicate the Town Council submitted to them.


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