Bramcote Matters

Click to view the latest version of Bramcote Matters. Updates cover A52 speeding petition, Café in the Park, disabled access at St Michael’s Church, Bramcote School – development plans and Bramcote Neighbourhood plan.



  1. Broxtowe Mayor Halimah Khaled with Council leader Richard Jackson celebrating the launch of free towncentre wi-fi, introduced in Stapleford thanks to local Conservatives

    Sorry but that is simply not true at all.

    The FREE WIFI in Stapleford was the hard work of the Stapleford Town Team and especially for former Chair of the Stapleford Town Team, Amy Davis. Who worked very hard organising presentations, gathering quotes and then talking to businesses and then the Councilors of ALL parties who then supported this at the relevant committee meeting.

    Why do people feel the need to take credit for something they simply did not do is beyond me. It would be fair to say the local Conservatives supported the scheme, as did members from ALL parties.


  2. Some politicians tend to take credit for anything good that happens around them and to blame the previous administration for anything bad. We Psychologists call this ‘attributional style’ and it serves to maintain their self-esteem and sense of competence. I offer courses in attributional retraining but those who need it the most are the ones who think they don’t. Shame on them I say!


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