Cafe in the Park

This article has been sent to us by Malcom Gent the Secretary of The Bramcote Hills Park Charitable Interest Organisation:

The Bramcote Hills Park Charitable Interest Organisation (BHPCIO) is committed to making the development of a café building, with toilets, a true asset to Bramcote Hills Park.

As local residents and users of Bramcote Hills Park, BHPCIO understand the importance of creating a building that is in keeping with the park and will benefit the local community. They are very aware of the sensitivity of creating a new building in a public open space, especially a space that is as popular and well-loved as Bramcote Hills Park.

Our vision is for a Community Café in Bramcote Hills Park that provides a welcoming facility which increases access to the park and brings together members of the community, particularly those who are at risk of isolation or disadvantage. We will be a focal point for community events and provide volunteering and work experience opportunities for all sections of the community.

Once the café is constructed we will be committed to serving healthy, fresh and homemade food. We will utilise available surplus and near end date food from schemes such as Fareshare  ( and from local supermarkets.

It is important to us, as a family and community focused enterprise, that the café will be a a hub for the local community and a place where local groups can meet with plenty of room to accommodate buggies and wheel chair users, inside, and space to park mobility scooters outside. We also feel that it is important to have ample space so that the café remains a pleasant open environment when it is too cold for customers to sit outside, and to ensure that the café is viable in the winter months.

We envisage the internal seating space layout to be a single open space. The creation of flexible space within the café will accommodate up to 40 seated customers. Windows in the building will bring in daylight and sunshine and open up the panoramic views of Bramcote Hills Park. Outside will be a terrace with additional seating for customers. A serving hatch will allow for serving ice cream, snacks and drinks to the outside at busy times. The toilets, both male and female, will also include specifically furnished disabled provision meeting full mobility standard (Changing Places  The design and specification will follow passive and sustainable principles that will reduce the environmental impact of the building and will be energy efficient.


  1. It is my privilege and pleasure to attend the Board meetings as the representative from Broxtowe Borough Council..
    Like scores of Bramcote folk I am fully supportive of the Board working hard to bring this worthwhile and much supported Community venture to a reality and not least their endeavours to seek Charitable Status.
    Why not come along to next Monday’s CAT meeting 5/3 to hear the latest update on progress from a Board Member.


  2. I have an almost 6 (going on 16) year old granddaughter who often asks if we can go out for ‘tea and cakes’ when she is collected from school. So I wish the Cafe project well in their search for funding etc, as it will be somewhere else to go for ‘tea and cakes’, and in a very pleasant area.


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