HOMELESS PEOPLE IN Broxtowe Borough are being urged to seek support from the Council during the current severe weather.

As part of its Severe Weather Provisions, which are activated whenever the forecast suggests there will be three or more successive days of freezing temperatures, the Council is able to find accommodation for rough sleepers in local B&Bs or its own temporary accommodation facilities for the duration of the cold snap. The Council is already helping two people due to the cold and hope that we can help those in need more in the coming week.

Councillor Eric Kerry, Portfolio Holder for Housing, said, “Homelessness is an awful situation for anyone to end up in. The Council has always been a leading authority in homelessness prevention and in providing help to anyone who has ended up sleeping rough.

“We have everything in place for any rough sleepers and homeless people during this cold snap. If you need help or are aware of someone who needs help, please contact the Council.”

The Council’s Homelessness Prevention Team work all year round to prevent homelessness and to help those who are sleeping rough get back on their feet. Last year, the Council managed to prevent 420 cases where people were threatened with homelessness.

If you are sleeping rough, homeless, at risk of homelessness or know someone in that position, please get in touch by visiting our offices in Beeston or by calling 0115 917 7777 at any time. Advice and support is on offer all year round and the Council is also regularly working with Framework Street Outreach and other partners to help offer these life-lines to those in the most desperate need and who may be on the streets.

For more information, please contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 7777, email hlps@broxtowe.gov.uk or visit http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk.

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