Proposal for Reducing Speed Limit on Coventry Lane from 60 to 50mph.

Councillor Richard MacRae draws our attention to this proposal:

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4 Responses to Proposal for Reducing Speed Limit on Coventry Lane from 60 to 50mph.

  1. Sue Sambells says:

    I have always considered the main issue is the various changes in the speed limit along the whole stretch and lack of consistency. 30MPH near the Crematorium but 60MPH near housing in Bilborough. Wouldn’t a blanket 40MPH be better? Enforcement is still an issue though if speed cameras are too expensive to install.

  2. Ian Blakeley says:

    Its 30mph until after Longden Close. Then 60 past the Crem until just over the railway bridge before you reach Sharnford Way. From there its 30 until after the 5 way intersection near to Balloon Woods. The road then becomes Bilborough Road and its then 40 and 30 mph all the way to the big island at the bottom of Woodhouse Way and that can be confusing as there are multiple limit changes all the way along.

    So Sue, No a blanket 40mph would not be better. Unless of course people are being killed/seriously injured virtually every week. Also I’ve seen the detector van along that road plus Police Officers clocking and stopping so what needs to change, and why?

  3. Peter Chatfield says:

    The proposal to reduce to 50mph is very sensible. However to retain the 30mph leading up to the mainroad does not seem to be so appropriate as the road is wide and straight ( I was clocked in this stretch doing 32mph and attended a speed awareness course) . Over the cross roads where there is a 40mph limit is I believe within the City limit and is therefore their and not the County responsibility. Would it not be more appropriate to have the existing 30mph limit increased to 40 seeing that there is only the one entrance to Coventry Lane (from Sharnford Way) in that stretch until the entrance to the Industrial units by which time people have reduced speed (possibly to 32mph !) in anticipation of the cross roads ahead ?

  4. Ian Blakeley says:

    You are of course correct Peter, that it would be more appropriate for the limit from Balloon Wood Lights to the Railway Bridge to be increased from 30 to 40mph. It would also be quite a sensible idea and thereby lies a problem. Sensible never seems to register in the minds of the ‘reduce every speed limit’ brigade.

    I’ve just returned from visiting the town where my late mother in law originates from. Whickham in Tyne and Wear. There the complete town has a blanket 20mph limit that stretches out into the country along roads where there is little, if any, housing. Indeed it’s not just Whickham, the surrounding towns/villages are also affected. Dunston, Team Valley, Swalwell, Blaydon all seem to have been hit by a blanket 20 mph limit, with lumps. Ridiculous.

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