Cookies Pond Bramcote – Flood Alleviation Works

Paul Summers, Broxtowe Borough Council, writes to Councillors Plackett, Doddy and Gould:

Please note that following on from the recent potential overflow and flooding of Cookies pond( Westbourne Ct , Bramcote), Ms Adcock the Environment teams Project Officer  (she has extensive experience in drainage related works and Computer Aided Design) has reviewed arrangements for controlling the water level in the pond and has instituted measures to ensure that a repeat of the recent incident is prevented

The investigation has identified root blockage in the outlet pipe and to address this a medium sized tree over the pipe run has been removed and the pipe which has been viewed via a camera and confirmed to be in poor condition and will be replaced. In addition to provide a second line of defence a soil bund will be installed that provides flood protection and directs any potential overflow into a surface water gully.

Message forwarded to Bramcote Today by Councillor Martin Plackett.

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