Update re meeting to discuss Pastures Rd traffic concerns

The meeting was attended by myself and PCSO Andy Freeman and we were kindly joined by Anna Soubry MP, unfortunately neither of the County Councillors attended, no appologies were recieved neither.

Residents raised many concerns which included problems with parking, problems with vehicles parking on the highways with no Tax and no MOT as well as concerns with vehicles speeding along Pasture Road and the difficulty of crossing the busy road too.

I am going to have some maps produced of the road and along with local residents we are going to mark up areas with various ideas we came up with, these include parking areas for residents and a crossing and also looking at some kind of parking restrictions along the road and also a request to have the interactive speed sign moved to a more suitable location.

We are then going to present the ideas to our County Councillors who have been asked to come up with upto 5 Schemes they can then present to Nottinghamshire County Council for consideration.

There is also going to be a meeting with Councillor John Cottee who has already agreed to meet me in September to look at the poor state of many roads in Stapleford. He will also be invited to come and look at the scheme we would like our two County Councillors to present to him and the County Council.

The Stapleford Town Councillors who also attended the meeting earlier this evening agreed to raise these issues at the Stapleford Town Council meeting tomorrow to ask for the support of the Town Council under Highways Issues.

Many thanks.


Councillor Richard MacRae

Stapleford North Ward
Stapleford Town Council
Broxtowe Borough Council



About Sue Sambells

Editor of Bramcote Today. Trustee of Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch. Lead Coordinator for RVR, Bramcote - Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
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One Response to Update re meeting to discuss Pastures Rd traffic concerns

  1. RickP says:

    Take John Cottee for a bit of an off roading experience. Drive down Ewe Lamb Lane.
    Shame the county councillors didn’t turn up. No excuses really.

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