Crossrail 2: Support by government ‘outrageous’ after northern snub

The electrification of the Midland Main Line to Beeston and Nottingham has been cancelled by the Government to save money.  But the next day support the Crossrail 2 project in London.  See more on this here on the BBC Website.

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8 Responses to Crossrail 2: Support by government ‘outrageous’ after northern snub

  1. Howard Shakespeare says:

    Electrification of the Midland Mainline would seem pointless now that HS2 has been given the go ahead. The current line will be for local services and freight.
    As for HS2, journey times to London will be around 50 minutes. This will easily make Bramcote, Wollaton, Beeston and Long Eaton commuter towns. Even though a single piece of track has not yet been laid, it would seem that property prices are starting to rise in west Notts. Houses are selling quickly. Expect home values to soar when the East Midlands Hub is opened.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      What about from the clean air point of view Howard? We all know how bad the diesel exhaust fumes are to health. That’s why they are being phased out from road vehicles.

  2. Barry Morrison says:

    Howard..Are you bloody serious?..You’re talking about HS2 which is probably the biggest cock up of all time..A vanity project if ever there was one…Who’s going to benefit?/. Not the ordinary punter who wants to go to London for a day out..They won’t be able to afford it..No..It’s goona be for the benefit of London and London only…Notice where the jobs etc are gonna start??Yep..London..Do me a favour Howard and get real

    • Howard Shakespeare says:

      Barry, perhaps you should be investing in a few buy to let properties in the area. Look for the positives and make some serious money at the same time!
      HS2 will bring huge financial advantages to the area.

      • Mike_H says:

        I rather suspect that you are not a real person Howard. However, if I suspend my disbelief for a second and assume that you have some insight into how our Government arrives at the decisions you support. Could you please provide evidence that you are right (in this case) about the outcomes from building HS2? I am interested in the answers to the “Kipling Questions” …
        I keep six honest serving men
        (They taught me all I knew);
        Their names are What and Why and When
        And How and Where and Who.
        Is HS2 going to be a part of an integrated transport system I wonder? There must be somewhere the answer to questions like …What the passenger capacity of HS2 is to be, if the signalling is to utilise the outdated systems we currently enjoy, what the timetabling strategies are, who will hold the franchises for operating HS2, who will maintain and operate stations, signalling etc, where the high-speed rolling stock is to be sourced, who carries out maintenance and where, who oversees safety, how the size of the car parks was determined, who will set ticket prices…
        I would like to know what underpins Mr Grayling’s confident claim that HS2 will be delivered on time and within budget and with so many attractive benefits. If it happens as he claims it will be a first and I would like to recommend an immediate knighthood for the genius that was able to identify and manage all the risks (including all the “unknown unknowns”) that will arise during the building of HS2.
        Having said that I have just convinced myself that providing a non-existent HS2 is being used as an excuse for cost cutting the main line (excuse the pun) rail upgrade programme.
        HS2 will not arrive any time soon. It certainly won’t arrive in the lifetime of this pensioner, nor will it deliver the unquantified benefits claimed for it …that is unless the HS2 programme management team has acquired the talents of a Harry Potter.

      • Joan Wade says:

        Extraordinary – Even the most optimistic forecaster thinks it will be several decades before Bramcote sees any reversal in the damage caused by HS2 and there is Howard running around telling Barry Morrison he is about to strike it rich. It is like some drunken pantomime.

  3. Ian Blakeley says:

    Howard, unfortunately you are one of the blinkered many, on both sides of the political spectrum, who vote for the same party, irrespective of the damage that party is inflicting on the country, in every election local or national.

    It seems to me that you refuse to engage in reasoned discussion about any topic but instead pontificate and then shut up. You never seem to back up your comments, nor answer any of the questions that people ask. So, like Mike, I ask you the same questions; How do you know that HS2 will bring prosperity to this part of the East Midlands. How do you know that home values will soar when Toton Sidings opens, and doesn’t that then disadvantage the local population who don’t work in London and who, therefore, will not be receiving the higher remuneration.

    On 30 July I asked you a quite reasonable question about diesel pollution and how that fitted in with keeping diesel hauled trains on the Midland Main Line. Are you going to give us all the benefit of a reply? I’ll also be interested, but I’m not holding my breath, in your replies to Mikes “Kipling Questions”.

    However I will say one thing on your behalf, you, like myself, (a supporter of social justice and responsibility and also of social equality), do support Britain leaving the EU but I suspect not for the same reasons.

    Also for what it’s worth Mike, I doubt that HS2 will ever be built as I suspect the next government is quite likely to cancel it.

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Joan says it’s like a drunken pantomine..And my interpretation is living in dreamland. Please Howard, if you know anything we don’t know(which is very doubtful)enlighten us as we’d all love to know how the hell this is going to benefit Broxtowe..You’ve just about convinced me that I will never ever vote again..I first voted in 1964, when the voting age was 21 and I voted Tory and I’ve done that in every election upto and including the election in june..That relationship has now finished..It’s not the Tory party I’ve always supported..However,I won’t vote Labour and I certainly won’t vote for any of the rest of the non-entities such as the Lib Dems or The Greens

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