HS2 is Coming – So What Exactly is Happening at Toton?

Read the Nottingham Post article. Within the article Dr John Disney, transport researcher at Nottingham Business School, said: “The biggest issue with Toton is that it’s not Nottingham and it’s not Derby. It will be a place of departure, rather than one of arrival………………..”.

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16 Responses to HS2 is Coming – So What Exactly is Happening at Toton?

  1. stevebarber says:

    Unfortunately Dr Disney is not looking to the future and sees present technology as an answer.

    In the last couple of years a revolution in integrated transport has begun. Whenever I go anywhere now I find it on Google maps and plot my journey by various modes. For instance when in Berlin I may be told to catch tram 21 to Schoneweide, then the S bahn to link with a train to Dresden etc…. current delays and even perceived hold ups are factored in. I’m also offered options by taxi when that’s better.

    By the time HS2 is opened to Toton we shall probably have driverless electric cars. These will be available via an app and will collect you from home. So a trip to an address in London could involve a driverless car to a tram stop or local train to HS2 then an underground and finally a bus. If the underground is not working or crowded an alternative would be calculated, you would be guaranteed the quickest route if that’s what you chose. I wouldn’t envisage anyone driving to Toton and even fewer using conventional taxis, just as very few arrive at their destination on horseback these days.

    Central Nottingham or Derby as a nodal point for anywhere else makes no sense. Not many live within walking distance of the station but a lot of people access that area from further out. Making it a nodal point would simply increase congestion.

    • Cliff H says:

      Or perhaps Steve by then we will all have flying cars or use of a teleport system ! Lol
      Seriously, I think you need to talk to some people who
      A: know what they are talking about where railways are concerned
      B: Are not biased because they/they’re companies stand to make a fortune out of Hs2
      I know lots of people like that. Don’t know any who think Hs2 is a good idea.
      Also, look at some of the public polls stating up to 75% of the public against Hs2
      The only people aggressively pushing this project are the big corporations chasing billion pound contracts.

  2. sandra east says:

    The tram goes from Toton to Nottingham so just need a good link with Derby.

    • The tram goes from Stapleford not Toton, Toton Lane IS in Stapleford.

      Donna MacRae

      • Graham Heal says:

        No it’s not! For a full explanation why the tram is not in Stapleford, please see my response to Cllr MacRae recently posted on this site under ‘Plans to build as many as 500 homes in Stapleford’.

      • Bardills Garden Centre. Toton Lane, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7JB

        Japanese Water Gardens. 251 Toton Lane, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7JA

        Lady Jayne’s Tearoom. 151 Toton Lane, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7JA

        Artic Cabins. 251 Toton Lane, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 7JA

        NET Tram Terminus, Toton Lane, Stapleford. NG9 7JA

        All the above mentioned businesses are off Toton Lane,Stapleford but are all the other side of the A52 so have Councillors from the Toton Ward. But it is still Stapleford until the junction of Toton Lane Stapleford and Stapleford Lane Toton. There are even Road Signs saying the same.

  3. Barry Morrison says:

    Sandra..Don’t give them anymore daft ideas..They don’t seem able to get the trams running two consecutive days without breakdowns as it is. Three days now since the trams from Hucknall have had to stop somewhere near Basford because of overhead wire problems causing untold problems for thousands of people.

    • Ian Blakeley says:

      Trams are an excellent method of travel, particularly when on reserved tracks. However when they are being installed into a narrow road network its a real pain in the backside. I don’t know what has happened on the Hucknall side of the city to cause delays, however it must be extremely serious if it’s taking three days to fix. Maybe a road vehicle collided with some wire supporting structure and so badly damaged it that it needs replacing.

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Nope..Apparently it was something to do with the tram’s own overhead electrical equipment

  5. stevebarber says:

    A tram’s pantograph hit a bridge and brought down the wire – it happens very occasionally. It should have been put right by now but management seem to have been caught out. I shan’t make any excuses.

  6. Graham Taylor says:

    Trams are excellent for pensioners or working people that cant afford the car parking charges in Nottingham.

    HS2 as a point of departure when many people will be looking to get out of London , post Brexit, as the big salaries will have gone abroad. The East Midlands Housing is increasing in value because people are moving OUT OF LONDON.

    Weekend living in The Peak District is rising as more and more homes are being bought by Londoners.

    HS2 will do nothing for Stapleford/ Toton and the local community, except possibly increase congestion.
    Trams have done nothing for Beeston. Its still on the down, unless of course you are a lover of Charity Shops.

    HS2 will be one of the country’s most expensive white elephant. Its technology will have been superseded long before its in working mode.

  7. Barry Morrison says:

    Graham. Don’t forget the coffee shops/Snack bars or whatever which always seem to be pretty well patronised even though allegedly there’s not much money about..Saw someone last week complaining about the price of a dozen eggs in Sainsbury’s yet they paid over £11.00 for a tea, latte and a sandwich at one of the High Road outlets..The mind boggles

    • Graham Taylor says:

      Yes Barry the mind boggles. Several years ago Beeston was on a par with West Bridgford. Now its the pitts in comparison.

  8. Mike_H says:

    Trams are wonderful if they go to where you want to go and if there is a stop in walking distance from your home. Otherwise they are useless.

  9. Peter Chatfield says:

    My local Councillors are now elected for Stapleford north although I Iive in Bramcote.
    Bramcote is divided as far as Council wards are concerned but is still Bramcote and not Beeston or Stapleford. A similar position is as regards the boundary between Toton and Stapleford. Why is there a division between Stapleford Lane Toton and Toton Lane Stapleford if this is not the case?

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