Electrification of Nottingham To London Railway Line Is Scrapped

A serious loss for Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

See Nottingham Post Article

See BBC Website

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6 Responses to Electrification of Nottingham To London Railway Line Is Scrapped

  1. Joan Wade says:

    Which should never underestimate the contempt the present government has shown towards the East Midlands.

  2. Pete Chesney says:

    This seems to sum up this country and the hapless management of its transport networks. We scrap a scheme that would genuinely allow faster cleaner trains to be used, reducing travel times, but stick with a much more expensive scheme that appears to have limited benefits, particularly for the East Midlands (once you factor in the need for additional connections etc.)…

    The fact that the HS2 route won’t stop at East Midlands Airport but will sail right past it, is an utter joke – where’s the joined up thinking? Only in the UK would this happen.

    It all stinks of decisions being made in the vacuum of London without any particular consideration or clear vision for the rest of the country.

    Rant over.

  3. David D says:

    Non Electrified Train stations are one of the places with the highest pollution levels
    Nottingham station is horrendous those London trains have how many diesel engines putting out how much pollution while they just sit there with there engines running and if you have a connection they will not let you out the station
    The last time I was there due to high winds and fallen trees no trains could leave the station so where there for nearly an hour before mine left all with engines running, thankfully a windy day so it blew away the toxic fumes, Nottingham trains are almost as antiquated as coal powered trains. VW aint got nothing on them for killing us slowly.
    There are many reason I do not visit (can not) my family in Bramcote as often as I would like to and this is one of the worst of many
    I am not going back till the Winter due to this awful experience, and then travel on bus via QMC to Bramcote along a highly polluted transport corridor more than my lungs can take.

  4. Graham Taylor says:

    Another failure for Anna Soubry. Has she been responsible for any successes here?

  5. Joan Wade says:

    After announcing the curtailment of rail upgrades in our local area as part of the austerity agenda the government has immediately pledged to spend £30 billion on Cross Rail Two in London. This money is to be taken from the taxpayers of Bramcote and ploughed directly into the overheated London economy. There is not even an attempt to provide Anna Soubry with a fig leaf

  6. Mike_H says:

    And …. are we ever told the cost of scrapping the original plan?… I suspect that at Mr Grayling’s favourite management consultancy the partners had a conversation that went something like this…

    “as well as a plan for implementing the new policy we need a plan for scrapping the old one …. let’s say we charge £1,000/day (1) per consultant for this … but hang on, it’s for a Minister so that’s £2,000 per day … should take us about 400 days per plan …two plans therefore …I make that £1,600,000 ….let’s call it two million”….” plus expenses of course…..”

    We should then add to the cost things like, letting new contracts, paying up on the penalty clauses for contractors that miss out on the originally planned work, and so on, and so on.
    Are we told the cost/benefit to travellers that will accrue from changing plans?
    I haven’t noticed if we have.
    Note… You can guess your own consultancy rates for changing a plan. The point is someone must pay for implementing change. The work of making and implementing any abandoned plan is of course nugatory.

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