HS2 Press release from Anna Soubry MP

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has won her campaign for fair HS2 compensation in Trowell.

The Government and HS2 have agreed to extend the planned rural communities compensation scheme to include the village. Anna organised Trowell residents to have their say and led the campaign.

In a late night announcement in the House of Commons the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, paid tribute to Anna’s campaign. However, Mr Grayling refused to back down from plans for a 60 foot viaduct through Trowell.

Anna said “There is growing evidence that the majority of people in Trowell are now completely opposed to HS2 because of their plan to deliver the route on the viaduct. HS2 must reconsider their plans or they will lose support in Broxtowe. Most people back HS2, especially the siting of the East Midlands Hub Station at Toton Sidings. We know it will deliver jobs and growth as well as a new line to Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and London.”

Anna Soubry has called on HS2 to meet villagers at a public meeting in Trowell and provide a model of the proposed viaduct: “There must be an alternative which HS2 must explore. A 60 foot viaduct will destroy the quality of life in the village and will completely dominate Trowell.”

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7 Responses to HS2 Press release from Anna Soubry MP

  1. Ian Blakeley says:

    Anna Soubry says “There must be an alternative which HS2 must explore”. There is……..and I don’t need to say what that is. Unless of course the ‘Tory Magical Money Tree’ has taken root.

  2. The pity is that the communities blighted along the route are unlikely to gain from HS2 in any material way. Why not spend the money on upgrading existing railways and provide new cross-Pennine routes so that everyday people will see some benefit?

    • Barry Morrison says:

      That’s too easy Jeremy..They seem very intent on going ahead with this not needed, not wanted vanity project and it looks like they’ll not let anything stop it now.

  3. Joan Wade says:

    If this project was really about delivering jobs and growth to the region then why does it not start in the region or at the very least somewhere north of London? If it runs to target it will be 2033 before this region would start to see any benefit. Since there will inevitably be some delay we are really looking at 2 decades of disruption for our area before any benefit might be seen. Meanwhile the construction jobs and all of the benefits are focussed on London and the South East from day one. It would have been possible to start with say a high speed link between Nottingham and Manchester linking cities in the north and boosting the northern economy. Whatever the merits or otherwise of HS2 the way the project is being organised and scheduled is really just a way of giving a big kicking to the people of Bramcote and making them feel grateful for it.

  4. Barry Morrison says:

    Your post Joan, seems to me to make an awful lot of sense

  5. Ian Blakeley says:

    I agree with Barry, Joan; why don’t the Government see a bit of common sense.. However we have about as much chance of that happening as me becoming Queen. When will ANY government realise that there are places North of Watford Gap, on both sides of the Pennines, or further West than Swindon.

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